Sun bursts through the night gone dark
Birds flit through the tree limbs close
A Calliope of the morning dance of life
This a new beginning, a continuation of all

The din of sound fills our existence full
The movement of creation crawling everywhere
Bright sparkles glinting in the motion
Lights flickering in colours of rainbow

This we are, this we will be
And we are known once more



These Days

Long lonely days

Writhing in pain

Reality slipping to past

Reason for being slipping

Should I go or continue


My world of physical unbearable pain

Life’s pleasures a thing of the past

Future dark and foreboding

Daily struggle by a tired soul

Should I go or continue


What reason for continuing

No hopes, no plans, no relief in reach

A fine journey full of giving and love

All behind me, hidden by the agony


Should I go or continue