The Price

Can we not be at long the last, one in mind and soul

Stepping out each new day, working together, holding to peace and good

An old concept, talked of, expounded on, envisioned, dreamed of in joy

Once thought to be a must do for the children yet too come

Ere lost to ‘the cause, all theses years, lost to pettiness and greed

Anger and war, wanton destruction, pain, death and waste

Children trampled under the foot of ignorance and ego

As has been throughout our history, so tis it still now

And what of those few that still cry for peace

Cast down, shoved aside, like unwanted cast off trash

An embarrassing renouncement to those holding power

Derided, put down, held apart as less knowing fools

And the winners of this contest, the greedy control warmongering elite

Who be at the loss alas, who be at the loss

Only the most truly of innocent, children all, children all

And us all who allow, we who will pay in the end

Pay the price of allowing the devil’s reign

A price dire indeed, dire indeed

A price dire indeed



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