Your Gift of Life

At a time in life when most of the people in this world tend to ease and pull back, you give it your all. In the few brief moments you allowed me to be a part of your life, I was amazed in wonder, truly enjoying seeing first hand just how bright your light shines. The gift you given these children with such great needs so loving it is without equal. You share all of your love, compassion, and warmth. Giving love and guidance to them as though they were your own.Far too many others in this world cannot be bothered to care or give, this is one of the thing that make you so special. Far too many around us find some excuse or another to not meet the need seen, but you just leap forward to help overcome. I would tell the others that it would seem a very small selfless sacrifice to make for such for such  noble a cause, but too many see it rather as some kind of annoyance, a disruption to their lives, beneath them, and so walk away without a thought. It takes someone as special as you to step up and embrace the challenges, to accept whatever comes, ere working always to create a better tomorrow. It has truly been an honor to know you.

You have my heart and soul my dear friend, heart and soul ❤

And I would add, I thank you deeply for allowing me to know you Marguerite…

Steve Easy Whitacre

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