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Your Gift of Life

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At a time in life when most tend to rest and pull back, you give all

In sharing the few brief moments we did, I truly enjoyed seeing you shine so bright

The gift you give these children with needs so great

Truly without equal, this your compassion and warmth

Far too many others cannot be bothered to care or give

Far, far too many find an excuse to not

Would seem such a small sacrifice, for such noble a cause

Yet it takes someone as special as you to step up and embrace

Saddened by knowing this simplest of truths

For if not, the need be not here to be met

You have my heart and soul my dear friend, heart and soul <3

And I thank you for knowing me Marguerite

Steve Easy Whitacre


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About Easy

Have travelled extensively for many years, mostly in an RV or on my Harley. I'm a lifetime follower of The Tao, living to hold and share spirit and happiness are the most important things of my journey. Spent far too many years denied my spiritual focus because of having to work two or three jobs at a time to take care of my kids and 'feed' my wife's drug habit. Now, I am free to fully focus as I am very near the end of this part of my wonderful journey. Namaste, may you all be enabled to realize and totally the magical blessings in your every moment...

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  1. Marguerite. Robinson

    Thank you I love you Steve!


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