This Journey

Come, take my hand
We together, will make this next step
No matter how small or large
No matter to which our goal
For as one, we can journey forever
Time and distance have no meaning
Only the journey be of importance

Where once I travelled alone
A broken Spirit lost on the road
Ever seeking, searching to be complete
Knowing happiness lay just before me
I looked, sought, moved on
Battling away depression and doubt
Ever strong, never to give in

And what came but hope
A chance meeting of two like souls
Two ships, adrift on pain from their pasts
Two, at long last ready, compelled
The tentative reaching grasp
That fearful first embrace
Can this be our start

Reach out, take, give, hold
The challenge of our new road before us
Our journey together calls
Open your heart, know my soul
Open your soul, know your own heart
Let all of it be the bridge
Our guide to walk your journey

We fly with on wings of the thought
Feel with the wisdom of yesterdays
Can we not rejoice in what will come if we dare
Past loss gives way, nothing left to frighten us
All pain cast aside by this future brightening
Yet, we must take this first step

Beginning this journey of heart…

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