A Search

Still, meaning of life seems missing
All along my long path of happiness
Most glorious journey, to be sure
Why must I still seek, but cannot find
Ever this search for my equal, the one bond
Unmet need to have my matching companion
That one of greatest heart, caring, love, respect

Travelling through the brightest times, looking to find
The hunt unrewarded, meaningless trivia at best
Hurrying through the darkest wastes of fear
Not one responded, none answered my pleading quest
Through all, this, most seemingly a hopeless waste
Alas, even so, heart heavy, I travelled on
Telling myself, there must be, will be, can be

But now, this creeping new fear ere intrude
The image gazing at me through the mirror
One of age, raggedy, tired, journey now short
I’ve been to all the greatest of places
From Hollywood, throughout the Redwood expanses
I’ve crossed oceans, traveller other countries
My journey broad and free, seemingly too short

I’ve met and befriended an abundance of friends
Enjoyed so much, learned even more
Looking outward, I find only more questions
Looking within, I find no solutions
What is it that has kept me searching
Enduring this shortcoming, emptiness of soul
Would that I beg for help to understand at last

And old, nearing an end
Walking the fine line of continuance
I find it’s you that keeps me searching
Thou, my unknown bond still pulls at my soul
Around the next corner, just out of sight
So close, so far, elusive evasion
So, I continue yet to seek, holding onto hope…

easy…In Her Step Life Doth Come


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