My Love Now Gone

Patched heart

Here in my heart, you will always live,
I feel like a tree bent by the winds,
Every day your memory comes around,
This bitter-sweet burning in my soul,
Would but I could do it all again, my love,
I held you in my heart for such a short time,
I grew to really know the man you were,
My beautiful partner, my husband, my love,
You need to know, I’m still your biggest fan,

Holding your hand till you needed to shake free,
With you my world was ever filled with joy,
Hoping to watch you as our son grew up,
All dressed up, looking for his wife, his love,
But I weep, knowing you are gone too soon,
What was Gods plan when he took your life,
You never got to see our son playing ball,
Never got to hold our grandchildren when they came,
How could God just leave the two of us here alone,

Waking through our house, each step brings memories,
Seeing you lay there, in that box hurt me to the core.
If only love alone could have kept you here,
I would have had more than enough to keep you dear,
I wish God would please help me to understand,
I promise you my love, when the world forgets,
And passing of time deepens lines on my face,
Nothing can take the love we knew away,
In my heart and soul I still groan and mourn,

Darling of mine, Greatest love of my life,
My soul now bleeds without you in my world,
You sweetest of sweet men, I still love you so…
















Reach Out Again


Such a simple thing to give,
She reaches out, I take her hand,
For those brief seconds, we are strong,
Problems weaken, concerns fade,
Together, a victory over what comes,
Nothing can harm, no pain, no loss,
Was meant to be, always we had it,
Two as one, a Journey of soul,




I can only be described now as wreckage,
Find no answers no matter how I search,
All this damage, my dreams are dead,
Yet still fighting to escape this mess,
Listen close, can you hear my shrieks,
I would hate for you to feel my pain,
Trying to hide it, silence the screams,
My tears like flooding rain, but hidden,

Deep on the inside, I stay in misery,
I’m dying they say, I fear it be true,
On the outside, false front, strong,
Inside, I beg to be helped, weak,
Life after the wreck, is a wreck,
Heartbeat slowing, life ebbing,
I gasp for breath, desperate to hold,
But why hold, cannot this be my last breath,

Alone,the tears steam down my face,
Falling down, can’t get up, lost,
My heart torn out, my mind gone,
I have only the flames, the smoke,
Thoughts of past, Dancing past,
All I have left, of a journey so fine,
And even now at an end, I still hold love,
Still want to give, to share, to aid,

I’ve loved like you can never know,
Shared moments of pure magic with so many,
I watched the downtrodden rise and flourish,
Saw lives change and brighten, grow,
Afraid I had lost, the best of me,
May even have thought it dead,
But it didn’t die, it still lives in this mess,

Who is she, old woman reaching for help,
Doesn’t matter, I must do what I can,
This is who I am, have always been,
In the midst of crisis, I must act,
Yearn to see a dove fly once more,
That is my meaning, my need, my truth,
Is it all in my head, a real mess in there,
If I tried for myself, I can’t, lost in the past,

Could I find hope for tomorrow,
Sorry to answer no, yet I still love a dove,
I’m still here, no leverage, waiting,
Awaiting ere the end to finally come,
I’m dying you see, a wreckage is all now,
But I been all I needed, fulfilling and true,
For I’ve lived with a passion, a life based on love,
A satisfaction fills my soul, though I feel incomplete,

Time nears for a rest, I deserve at least that,
And I embrace the idea, to go home at last…


Newest Old Knowledge


We’ve gotten wiser as we’ve aged,
We heard them say they love the sun,
Yet when it shines they hide in shade,
It made us fearful when they said they loved us,
Ere so, we held back, kept a distance,

Now, older, more lived, we know the truth,
Having evolved with love, our fear long now gone,
We hide not from the light, nor run from darkness,
I as we all, carry the eternal in being, our core as one,
Love is, love always will be, love ere our eternity,

It is we who are the light, the truth, the reason,
For we are love, just as we were meant to be,
Thus ere no fear, not of the future, not of the end,
Our paths intertwine with the purest of love,
Our journeys, true adventures of a lifetime,

Those with pure eyes have seen, now know,
Those with the purest of hearts, understand,
The Creator gives us all we are, can and will be,
Yet it is for us to hold, cherish, and grow,
And we will…


My Treasured Friend

I have seen you, have known you,
I thank the Creator for your place in my life,
You arrived when I was most in need,
Returning to me, all hope I had lost,
The bright core of you, your faith, your love,
With your caring soul, you heal mountains of pain,
Seeing you share kindness, has allowed me to share,
The broken-hearted relearn joy and love,

You are an Angel, completing the lives of so many,
A true blessing in this world we walk,
And so my dear friend, I give you thanks,
A thank you for all the gifts you’ve shared,
For your heart, mind, and soul, your essence,

And finally, I thank you for being my truest friend,
For I would herein, with much pride, tell the world,
You are my greatest friend,
My greatest treasure,
And I will ever send love…


Demons and Angels


My demons and angels sleeping ere peacefully,
Ever holding to each other’s company,
Waking, moving, ever together,
Their smiles, cries, emotion all,
Liken to conjoined twins,

I demand you play with me,
In my dark lair, orange fires burn,
A melting, waste, your candles dying,
Your moaning, passionate in its silence,
Distant quiet echoes of what you once were,

Inner demons, rolling in my slippery depths,
I am but an aroused beast, hiding below,
My unending need, to make you want,
To ever feed on the angels above, to feast,
Basking on your moans, pain, loss,

Locked away, your lost soul, deepest catacombs,
Yet at the end, your triumph,
An afterglow of the purest love,
You bring out nothing but the best of me,
I find myself at your mercy, blinding light,

Yet, you need the knowing, ere kill the demons,
You wost kill us all, Long lonely emptiness,
My angels, left alone, too much to good,
Alone, they will die in misery too…

Easy, September 21st, 20144
inspired by Daniel Shivas

The Only Real Leadership America Ever Had…


This is too true to be comfortable, we really NEED to all get together and redesign the whole thing, doing away with the unethical, uncaring, greedy, self-centered, murderous, lying users, BASTARDS and BITCHES that we are brain washed into letting run our lives. even to the point of us killing for them all over the world just so they can get more kick backs and increase their vast personal wealth. But, this is nothing more than a personal delusion and dream, for I fully realize the overwhelming extent of our brain washed beliefs, and know we will never get together to change things, for we are trained not to.

  Long live America, I think not, and remember, I killed for them too long ago, so technically I’m a ‘Vet Patriot,’ so if I were still under their ‘spell’ I would be 100% behind all they make us do, invading other countries to take and use their resources, wantonly killing with no remorse or care all in the name of “They’re not living the was we say they should, or they’re killing each other over there so we must stop them for their own good, (of course the way America does this is by murdering even more of them.)(Ask yourselves people, looking back through history, who has caused the most deaths, this includes the Nazi madness folks, and even the Crusades, so I can’t be the “lying to myself ‘Patriot any longer,’ for I now realize the full existent of their madness, and now truly believe in real equality and in truly loving all, in real peace and togetherness. Okay, sorry, rant over. Continue on all you were, and forget about what I just said. Peace Brothers and Sisters,


Dancing on the the edge, in Bliss

Born at the bottom, of society’s dregs
Yet compassion and caring, my very meaning
Compassionate always, no matter reason
My journey to embrace, spread loving embrace
For everything, everyone, all life is equal

I’ve danced on the edge, looked over the abyss
Held throughout storms, typhoons, winters so dire
My calling is giving, just show me the need
Driven to meet it, no matter the who
Deep scared, from the ones who abuse I admit

Yet if I find need tomorrow, still I’ll reach out
We all need the helping, in time as we journey
This be a hard-hearted world, we must stand together
Can not be let fall, lest they don’t get up
I must reach out a hand, in friendship and care

As I pass by, knowing, others now learn,
They grow in the knowing, in each a new joy
To some I appear haggard, tired out to the core
Worn down, a bit tattered, scars running so deep
Yet my light shining bright, shining and forever

Come join me now, we’re stronger together



Just Thinking

What is the meaning of Complain? The definition as stated, is “To express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.” Looking closer I realize that by complaining I am turning myself into some kind of the helpless victim, and I don’t care for that. Therefore, I choose to no longer complain, rather I will change the thing I am dissatisfied with, or I will quite simply accept it as it is, and move on. I choose not to be a ‘victim.’