Dancing on the the edge, in Bliss

Born at the bottom, of society’s dregs
Yet compassion and caring, my very meaning
Compassionate always, no matter reason
My journey to embrace, spread loving embrace
For everything, everyone, all life is equal

I’ve danced on the edge, looked over the abyss
Held throughout storms, typhoons, winters so dire
My calling is giving, just show me the need
Driven to meet it, no matter the who
Deep scared, from the ones who abuse I admit

Yet if I find need tomorrow, still I’ll reach out
We all need the helping, in time as we journey
This be a hard-hearted world, we must stand together
Can not be let fall, lest they don’t get up
I must reach out a hand, in friendship and care

As I pass by, knowing, others now learn,
They grow in the knowing, in each a new joy
To some I appear haggard, tired out to the core
Worn down, a bit tattered, scars running so deep
Yet my light shining bright, shining and forever

Come join me now, we’re stronger together




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