Demons and Angels


My demons and angels sleeping ere peacefully,
Ever holding to each other’s company,
Waking, moving, ever together,
Their smiles, cries, emotion all,
Liken to conjoined twins,

I demand you play with me,
In my dark lair, orange fires burn,
A melting, waste, your candles dying,
Your moaning, passionate in its silence,
Distant quiet echoes of what you once were,

Inner demons, rolling in my slippery depths,
I am but an aroused beast, hiding below,
My unending need, to make you want,
To ever feed on the angels above, to feast,
Basking on your moans, pain, loss,

Locked away, your lost soul, deepest catacombs,
Yet at the end, your triumph,
An afterglow of the purest love,
You bring out nothing but the best of me,
I find myself at your mercy, blinding light,

Yet, you need the knowing, ere kill the demons,
You wost kill us all, Long lonely emptiness,
My angels, left alone, too much to good,
Alone, they will die in misery too…

Easy, September 21st, 20144
inspired by Daniel Shivas

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