My Treasured Friend

I have seen you, have known you,
I thank the Creator for your place in my life,
You arrived when I was most in need,
Returning to me, all hope I had lost,
The bright core of you, your faith, your love,
With your caring soul, you heal mountains of pain,
Seeing you share kindness, has allowed me to share,
The broken-hearted relearn joy and love,

You are an Angel, completing the lives of so many,
A true blessing in this world we walk,
And so my dear friend, I give you thanks,
A thank you for all the gifts you’ve shared,
For your heart, mind, and soul, your essence,

And finally, I thank you for being my truest friend,
For I would herein, with much pride, tell the world,
You are my greatest friend,
My greatest treasure,
And I will ever send love…


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