My Love Now Gone

Patched heart

Here in my heart, you will always live,
I feel like a tree bent by the winds,
Every day your memory comes around,
This bitter-sweet burning in my soul,
Would but I could do it all again, my love,
I held you in my heart for such a short time,
I grew to really know the man you were,
My beautiful partner, my husband, my love,
You need to know, I’m still your biggest fan,

Holding your hand till you needed to shake free,
With you my world was ever filled with joy,
Hoping to watch you as our son grew up,
All dressed up, looking for his wife, his love,
But I weep, knowing you are gone too soon,
What was Gods plan when he took your life,
You never got to see our son playing ball,
Never got to hold our grandchildren when they came,
How could God just leave the two of us here alone,

Waking through our house, each step brings memories,
Seeing you lay there, in that box hurt me to the core.
If only love alone could have kept you here,
I would have had more than enough to keep you dear,
I wish God would please help me to understand,
I promise you my love, when the world forgets,
And passing of time deepens lines on my face,
Nothing can take the love we knew away,
In my heart and soul I still groan and mourn,

Darling of mine, Greatest love of my life,
My soul now bleeds without you in my world,
You sweetest of sweet men, I still love you so…
















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