Walk the Path

As I walk,
Along the path,
Of creation,

Each of new day,
More miraculous,
Majestic vistas,
Divinity of blessings,

The magic,
Of Great Mystery,
How it fills me,
In my heart,
Enthralled so deep,
With all of life,

A song,
Of love and caring,
Surreal but good,
Reigns so peaceful,
And now there’s more,

With my hand,
I reach out,
To all in need,
My loving soul,
Shares my blessings,
Providing comfort,

None to want,
Or left to lack,
Or nigh alone,
All now happy,

Come join me,
Let us travel,
Together jointly,
We can create,
A much better,
Newer way,

All afresh,
Our tomorrows,
Bright with promise,
Bound all in joy,
Sterling of futures,




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