You Are My Love

My joy, need, hunger,
Seeking shelter, friendships

And oh, such friends, such love,
This the food for majestic Journey,

ere I near my journey’s end I fear,

You are my breath, my beating heart,
You give me hope dear companion,
You fulfill my cravings, necessities,
My abundant pleasures throughout life,
Without you, no life, no joy, no love,

Never to have wandered these endless years,
You brought out so much grace from me,
So many favors, given me so many gifts,
Everywhere I look, there I find your love,
When suddenly you drift by, I fill with it,

O Captain of my Heart, dance with me,
Radiant eye of yearning here in my breast,
I can never move far from your blessings
Know for as long as this journey may last,
I pray you to be satisfied with me, in love,

And know I am satisfied, content, and happy,


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