Life Ebbs

Much as an old clock slowing, winding down for the last time,
Spring broken, winder lost, is it two o’clock now or five?
Monday, Saturday, or perhaps a lost day already gone by,
I can’t tell any more, seems all my caring has gone for good,
I have fallen through too many years, I fear never to come back,
The hands of time have  kept turning, but I am stuck right here,
Can there be anything to help me find myself, make it as it was,
Back before age overrun me, overtook my youthful free being,
In misty cobwebbed memories, an ever dimming view of what I was,
Is it too late, it seems over before it began, so tired, so lost, so ended,
The fates lay on their cold dry hands, pulling at my soul. dragging,
I slow, all resistance failing, to battle on is a meaningless exercise,
Wandering around in a dazed confusion, helpless, need to start over,
Sands of time running out weakly, a muddled riot of unfulfilled dreams,
Completely befuddled, visions come, sight clears, something new,
Stepping outside of time, I see again the wondrous vision of the tree of life,
Limbs showing futures yet to come, new paths going forward, beginnings,
Even as I watch I see the newest of life budding forth as new leaves,
Old leaves in death falling back to the source of sustenance, the start of all,
The dense haze returns yet cannot hide this, the brightest yet of my visions,
No longer do I feel the need to look for answers, no rhymes or riddles dire,
Time is now meaningless, I cannot remember why it ever had importance,
Tis’ the late fall of my journey, with summer at an end, winter nigh,
I now have peace, for I feel the contentment to come, the harmony, the love,
I rejoice in my soon coming reunion with those so missed, to be joined again,
For now, I know I am but one of the falling leaves from the great tree,
I’m going back to my home, young once more, my newest path before me,
I am content and happy, looking forward to all my new tomorrows,




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