Grandmother Says

Grandmother pulling me out under the big old oak,
Saying sit down boy I have something to say to you,
I need for you to pay close attention to all I’ll share,
I give you this in an attempt at building your future,
Let no-one push you into rushing through your life,

I know great troubles will find you but don’t give up,
Know these challenges will make you ever stronger,
Take your time holding on to every treasured moment,
You will find a companion being together sharing love,
Live a simple life, avoid the pitfalls of greed and envy,

Choose employment doing something you can love,
Cast off all lust for the rich man’s gold, true import,
Do this for me but more significantly do for yourself,
Know that everything you ever need is in your soul,
What I want for you my son is a full life of happiness,

Avoid frustration seeking answers, you’ll find yourself,
Just follow your heart and find answers already within,
Let no-one lead you from the truth trusting in yourself,
You can do this for in my vision, can see it shining in you,

My son, live life as simple man, freely giving and loving,
Always be satisfied with who you are, love yourself  first…

November 4th 2014

grandmother and son


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