Winter’s Wonders

Summer far gone, winter now settles in,
The once bright sun, giving away too soon tonight,
A dim moon shines down on an icy glimmering wonderland,
I sit nestled in my quilt, enjoying a moment of bliss,
Hot coffee carefully balanced upon my knees,
A time of belonging, of calmest serenity,

Magical delightful view through the glass,
Heat of my cup, flow of mist ever dancing upward,
No harm in my basking in this moment, happiness earned,
So wrapped in comfort, fireside gentlest of embrace,
Snowflakes floating just outside the window,

Can you feel it, as chilling cold shimmers,
Rain falling in ice, a drifting white landscape,
Majestic sculptress painting our reality in sensational bliss,
Winter wind creating spinning glass tornadoes,
Cold creeping ever deeper into my bones,

Know the river keeps flowing,
Abundant life still fills the world outside,
Even in the darkness, the moon’s shine brings back light,
Can you not love this crystallized wonder,
Our world of whitest divinity,



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