All night the clock ticked, and outside a moon like day,
And I, in the ravages of sleep, head on a stranger`s breast,
Shed tears, like a task not to be put away,

In the false moonlight, overwhelming grief in my happy bed,
An ocean of tears, only set to undo joys rebirth,
I would not wake at your word, could not speak,
I had only tears to say,

I cling to the dreams, for they are my soul,
Begging for pain’s derisive hand had give me rest,
From the nights of living flame, and the darkness within,

note: I have found that we never we do not ever get over grief, but over time, we do learn to live with the loss, we learn to live a different life. A life with our pain…




Rest, relax,
Embrace this peace,
Hold to this new silence,
Rebuilding our existence,
Becoming complete,

A new life, a new way of living,
Our most boundless new joy,
Filling you, helping you,
We grow, learn, become,

Within silence, this peace,
In this moment, every moment,
New future bright, hopes anew,
All calmness and serenity,
All fears now gone,

I am, we are, together,
Souls complete once more,
We are one…