Path Home

Path Home

                Path Home

Waking through a dark misguided world,
Seems always up hill, ever a struggle to carry on,
Why always the difficult journey, this need to continue,

Like a child lost in the wilderness, I cry for help as I fall,
Here long gone my dreams, my hopes, my joyous soul,
This pitch-black wood weighs down my tired heart,
I so need this dark path come to an end,

Before me I spy a dim light shining down on my horizon,
What is this spark in my existence, dare I hope again,
I hear the calling, long promised love reaching out,
Intuition inside, must heed this beckoning call,

Perhaps my answer, my path of the return to felicity and joy,
Hesitation in confusion, so frozen in fear and uncertainty,
I’m searching within for answers, brow wet in sweat,
No-one to ask aid, none to reach out to,

I must, will answer the call, I take my first step home…


A World of Love

The rose of love is worth striding for,
My worst fear is I’ll loose my grip too soon,
I know now what it should be comings from reflection,

Though I may be gripping not but a thorny stem,
You my dear rose are worth a little blood and pain,
Still I’m dreaming of when the pedals will finally bloom,

So come to me though unrequited love,
The sun warms, rains sooth, all better together,
Let us walk forward, two as one, together, entwined,

We can show the world what the right love truly is…



Thinking Out Loud

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength and courage, while loving someone deeply gives you life…

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love…

Find contentment by being honest with yourself, by simply being yourself, naturally and free. All reached when you overcome and cast yourself free of your need to compare or compete. Respect yourself and all others without judgement or demand…

Let the music in your soul be heard by the whole of the universe, filling it to overflowing with the loving peace filling you…

Life and death can be seen as one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Coming from, returning to. Complete…

By pouring the whole of you into freely aiding others in need, enhancing their lives to the fullest you can, you most often find you have enhanced your own path even more. Only you can make your path worth walking…

I have often found that those who have gained all the knowledge of a thing, don’t predict what the thing will become, and those that do predict, don’t have any knowledge at all…

The most wicked of leadership is abhorred and despised by their people. The greatest leader is that of who the people respect and revere, just as the great leader is the one who supports the people to the point in which they can truthfully say “We did it ourselves, and we did it well.”

The most difficult of things you will ever face have at their origin that which is the easiest, just as the great of things start as the small. With the smallest of steps you begin to create the journey of a wondrous adventure. Take that first step off right now…