Idle Thoughts and Memories

“I’m one of those regular weird people.”

Janis Joplin

“On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.”

Janis Joplin

“If I hold back trying to be only what they think I should be, then they say I’m no good. If I’m going to be no good anyway then I’d rather be good sometimes, and true to myself all the time.”

Janis Joplin

‘Ya know, I just finally finished cleaning out the address book in my phone, 317 deletions of old friends that have passed away. A bit of a depressing task 😢 But I’m reminded of some quote that still resides somewhere deep within my cobweb filled mind. Sorry I don’t remember where it comes from and I hope I do it some kind of justice, but “To be sure that as your closest friends pass away, new friends will most certainly appear. Days are the same, as old day passes a new one arrives. The most important thing is to make it all meaningful, embracing all of life with the fullest focus on making it the most meaningful it can be. Whether a meaningful friend or a meaningful day, it is for us to make them great ❤

In order to for us to live a positive, fulfilled, and happy life we must allow ourselves to follow only the very best of our inner visions. To carry this kind of positive outlook we must deny all of the negative bent influences our consciences are flooded with daily by those on the outside. Follow only your most positive vision, holding true to the best of yourself.

In creating and reaching a continuing state of calmness we build our inner strength and self-confidence, there-in enabling ourselves further growth…

Home is nothing more than where you feel at home…

It is the epitome of foolishness to violently suppress people as is proven throughout the history of humanity, yet we still do. Can you not ask why?

Older Parents will understand 😉

When they get the news of a child coming, people are joyfully ecstatic. Soon after that the same people begin to worry that the child may be sick or deformed. When a healthy child finally arrives, the people's life are completely joyous and love filled and are happen for a short moment Then the child grows… 😉

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