Still Alone

Lonely a wondering be,
Still reaching out in search,
Come enjoin in honour bond,
Journey has been a struggle true,
Step slow pulling step through mire,
Reaching out for aid finding emptiness,
Heart strong stride true somehow continue,
Need the true other must fill this void be whole,
Yet here still I travel alone holding so much of love,
Sobbing need to give and share quite overwhelming,

Will you not come walk with me,
Two as one in this journey of soul…


These Words
These Words

Once Complete, Now Lost

For I was more with you,
Twined tight with shared souls,
What created way to be than two as one,
Alas your soul need to wonder, and I am left alone,
More alone than alone, for my soul is torn and ravaged,


(a different viewpoint below painting)



The spring rain refreshing has passed,
Whispers of life blooming around again,
I am content, renewed, a fullest of being,
This comfort unbound, completely soul,
I am existence, full connection, belonging,
Living most flowing loving contented life,
This rapturous fulfilled wondrous journey,
This life a completion of the most joyous…


These Wasted Gifts

All the hate, violence, conflict, uncaring misery,
My whole world a waste of burning refuge,
How did they all lose their way together,
Can this truly be the of humanity all,
Blessings forsaken to darkness,
I calmly prepare for this end,
Death’s knocking so close,
Unheard the warnings,
We’re all to betaken,
The wasting of it
Sun darkening,
Tears flow,



Painful Reminders

Two in-twined with love,
Body, mind, and souls one,
Their light shining in dark city,
Togetherness spreading beauty,
Can there be more a more on high,
And I, tears flowing, sit still in solidarity,
Loneliness being my existence, my world,
To see them living my dreams, highest need,
Still alone I am, lost within with a core of despair,



Four Steps

Learn that putting conditions on experiences will never make you happy,
Know that craving the best, while fearing the worst, is a living death,
Walk the path of simplicity, cultivating mindfulness and meditation,
Live in the moment, this very second is the greatest of your life,