Find Peace

Empty yourself completely,
Embrace the perfection of peace,
The world will rise and life moves,
And then you can watch it return to rest,
The dance and growth of all the flourishing things,
And you watch their calm return to their common source,

Their return is peaceful,
Creation in the flow of nature,
Creation’s flow of eternal decay and renewal.
In your acceptance of this you find enlightenment,
In ignoring of these common truths will bring misery.

All who accepts nature’s flow become all-cherishing,
And in being all-cherishing they become impartial and just,

Being impartial they become magnanimous,
In their being magnanimous they become natural,
Being their being natural they become one with the Way,
And in their being one with the Way they become immortal,
Thereafter though their body will decay, the Way will not,


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