An Attempt at Goodbye…

Yes, another one of those last moment attempts at saying a goodbye to the wonders I’ve loved and lived, and more especially for the wonders you so freely gave to me, and of which you have been/are the most important part.

An amazing journey, full and varied, made ever more so by my being blessed at having each of you as such an important intricate  part. Arise early, face the eastern new Sun, and Embrace tomorrow just as though it will be the last one coming to you on this journey, Grasp firmly to each and every magical second of your path. You brought me so, so, much, even by you having shared so much, sharing such a depth of compassion, providing me with a most needed reason for continuing my challenging path, through your loving caring nature, and the wondrous meaning, putting the absolute best of yourself and holding precious each and every second.

It was a pretty good run overall my friends, difficult at times I admit, but good. To think of death brings no fear to me, for I look forward to my return and what comes after.

See you all later.




As the strong man meets all struggles,
There the woman supporting with prayer,
Wondrous woman building family in joy,
Man holding all with his loving prayer,
This union, this bond, together as one,
Embraced in the most caring of Creation,




Even More Random Thought

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises…

Endeavour to manage the work of detached actions,
Learn to teach without the need of words,
To finish a myriad things but never to control,
To create wondrous but never done for possession,
Learn to act but without not presuming you have a right,

As you succeed never dwell upon your successes,
For it is as you do not dwell on success it never goes away…

The Heavens and Earth are eternal,
How is it Heaven and Earth can last forever,
It is that they do not exist for themselves,
Thus they will last for eternity,

Therefore the wisest of us can,
Place ourselves last but end up in front,
Exist outside of ourselves and yet survive,
It is due to our selflessness and service,
Thus we can achieve our own goals,

Accepted to our place upon that eternal plain…

Embrace that which you find within, found when you silence all the petty interfering trivia from without…

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”


To Be is Happiness

Misplaced long hunt for happiness,
Infinite dark forests of darker ego,
False flights of waste and illusion,
Starstruck name seeking my fame,

Actual happiness found in minutes,
A good fortune accepted and held,
Gifts of Creation each so precious,
Taking nothing and giving our all,

Meeting obligation in honest vigil,
Turning away all self-centred ego,
Free of all fictitious false relation,
Existence of contentment all true,
Dedicated to achieve highest aims,

Mindful of misguided acute feeling,
Realizing oneself in simplicity real,
Knowing ourself as humble human,
These riches held within are the gift,

Already in deep to our core beings,
Attempt without work natural bliss,
Allow the truth come naturally free,
This real pleasure of our very being...