An Attempt at Goodbye…

Yes, another one of those last moment attempts at saying a goodbye to the wonders I’ve loved and lived, and more especially for the wonders you so freely gave to me, and of which you have been/are the most important part.

An amazing journey, full and varied, made ever more so by my being blessed at having each of you as such an important intricate  part. Arise early, face the eastern new Sun, and Embrace tomorrow just as though it will be the last one coming to you on this journey, Grasp firmly to each and every magical second of your path. You brought me so, so, much, even by you having shared so much, sharing such a depth of compassion, providing me with a most needed reason for continuing my challenging path, through your loving caring nature, and the wondrous meaning, putting the absolute best of yourself and holding precious each and every second.

It was a pretty good run overall my friends, difficult at times I admit, but good. To think of death brings no fear to me, for I look forward to my return and what comes after.

See you all later.



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