Meet Yourself

When a I see need I must act,
The core of me makes me try to fill it,
Where others see someone to avoid, I see a new friend,
I cannot walk past leaving them lost and alone,
I am driven to be true to myself and aid,

My family chides and censors saying I’m stupid,
After long years of abuse by my ex I re-married her,
Does my aid get abused, am I used, yes far far too often,
Should I stop, the core of me says no, I must remain true to me,
Will I be abused again, yes, it is a almost certainty.

I will continue to hold the dieing trying to comfort,
I will continue to provide aid, even to those who abuse and rob me,
I will help any who ask, embrace any needing comfort, understand,
I endeavour to be as close to the One that gifted me life as I can be,
For why else are we here?



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