Again It Comes

Yet then the days like this,
Words flowing freely across the page,

Commas falling in to lend clarity and rhythm,
A togetherness of mind and spirit, all flowing from within,
This deepest expression of our very core of being,
This to remind us we are poets,
To remind us we still live,
This of who we are,
Together in joy,


Meet Yourself

When a I see need I must act,
The core of me makes me try to fill it,
Where others see someone to avoid, I see a new friend,
I cannot walk past leaving them lost and alone,
I am driven to be true to myself and aid,

My family chides and censors saying I’m stupid,
After long years of abuse by my ex I re-married her,
Does my aid get abused, am I used, yes far far too often,
Should I stop, the core of me says no, I must remain true to me,
Will I be abused again, yes, it is a almost certainty.

I will continue to hold the dieing trying to comfort,
I will continue to provide aid, even to those who abuse and rob me,
I will help any who ask, embrace any needing comfort, understand,
I endeavour to be as close to the One that gifted me life as I can be,
For why else are we here?



Twined Souls

Tender compassionate moments of the purest of bliss,
This new day blooms into being, cool wind gently caresses,
Dew glistens on the flesh wrapping your soul, I feel your love,
Desire for more of you fills me, I need you, I need to know your love,
You have become my reason for being, my very meaning to be,
Two as one, this a journey of soul, I love you to my very core,
Hearts entwined building this newest state of belonging,
Together, we are now complete…


Morning Comes

My dreams fade,
A change, night ere stirs
A new day blooms into being,
Paint dancing on canvas of existence,
This the silence, still winds, calm light air,
Soul pulling beauty dances across morning skies,
I cannot but know the fullest of Creation’s gifts
In this a blooming of life’s growth and rise,
I offer thanks to the One on highest,
The core of me lighting in bliss,
I become myself complete,
I become wholly real,
I become me…