Burning Cold Death

The days drag on, shallow and dark,
This heartbreaking loss, again and again,
How could I still hope, a betterment of life,
Another friend has gone, another love lost,
Why do I keep trying, no reason, all pain,
No-one to aid me, my dreams have all burnt,

Too fearful to love again, left to hide,
How can I go on like this, no reason to live,
If I vanished right now, never be found,
None to pay attention, all alone once again,
Strolling in the killing ground, bloody and cold,
Heart stopped, soul merely a hollow dank hole,

The me that was is no more, lost to the grieving,
Once courage now terror, gone felicity and care,
Toll the bell, find no answer, I’ve already gone,
No return like the other times, no strength left at all,
Journey’s final curtain, this theater has gone all dark,
I’ll exist in black flames, burned alive with the cold...



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