This Our World

Happening, a never to end cycle,
Vivid violent images bloody overwhelm,
This nightmare of reality looms ever true,
Can we hope for better, dare dream of peace,
With sadness I fear not, for we ourselves ere flee,
Allowing it, bowing to the few, and follow their rule,
Thus forever it continues, tempest of engulfing flames,
And we will hide from it, forget, boxed deepest in mind,
Can’t remember, must not, can not allow, will not,
Thus condemned we will remain for eternity,
Locked tight within this unending nightmare,
Condemning all those as yet to come,


2 thoughts on “This Our World

  1. This photo has always ripped me. This one and the one of the small African boy with the vulture lurking waiting for the starving child to die. Isn’t it interesting how when Americans were being programmed for fear, these images were all over our news media. Now that the people are rising up against war, the mainstream isn’t being this raw.


  2. Yes, there are so, so many that rip my heart out of our soul. This writing was inspired by on a friend shared with me of her sorrowful work this morning and yet again I was driven with a need to reach out, try to promote change. As this piece was flowing from my pen I searched my mind, my paintings, and the web for an image to support the heartache pouring onto the page.
    Vennie the thousands upon thousands of heartrending scenes was nearly unbearable, and the majority then were from these very times. Unable to choose I was forsed to open the darkest recesses within me, places I had locked away and carefully hidden. To be truthful, for a time I found myself lost in my own long years of a very painful past, but at long last this old image called to me, and I knew it was meant to be.
    As I write this reply to you I am looking at the picture you referred to, more memories from the past. I want to say your kind insightful response has truly brightened a difficult day, a day of being quite literally drowned in hatred, all cascading upon me because of this writing and image. I still hold to my hope that there will yet come a time when the ‘children’ finally open their eyes to the truth, rise up, and together and put and end to this nightmare for good. Foolish perhaps, but this is me. I thank you for gifting me with a reason for that hope.


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