Wisdom Complete

Images shared of wisdom’s glowing,
How can we not see, not know for truths,
Age old knowledge filling this life grown soul,
Calming breezes floating across landscape a mores,
Reach out, take a hand, continue this path together one,
This age long journey of primordial majestic joys,
We can and will, complete at long last time.
Contemplation of spirit’s contentment,
No finer can there to us be found,
Complete at last in silence ere,
Finest of knowledge reached,
I now know…



My Dusty Path

All an arrogant desert wherever I look,
The start focuses only on the far distances,
I can find no regret in having reached failure,
Still silent tears flow in not having reached you,
So still I walk the burning sands alone…

-easy & friends…

Idle Thoughts and Memories

“I’m one of those regular weird people.”

Janis Joplin

“On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.”

Janis Joplin

“If I hold back trying to be only what they think I should be, then they say I’m no good. If I’m going to be no good anyway then I’d rather be good sometimes, and true to myself all the time.”

Janis Joplin

‘Ya know, I just finally finished cleaning out the address book in my phone, 317 deletions of old friends that have passed away. A bit of a depressing task 😢 But I’m reminded of some quote that still resides somewhere deep within my cobweb filled mind. Sorry I don’t remember where it comes from and I hope I do it some kind of justice, but “To be sure that as your closest friends pass away, new friends will most certainly appear. Days are the same, as old day passes a new one arrives. The most important thing is to make it all meaningful, embracing all of life with the fullest focus on making it the most meaningful it can be. Whether a meaningful friend or a meaningful day, it is for us to make them great ❤

In order to for us to live a positive, fulfilled, and happy life we must allow ourselves to follow only the very best of our inner visions. To carry this kind of positive outlook we must deny all of the negative bent influences our consciences are flooded with daily by those on the outside. Follow only your most positive vision, holding true to the best of yourself.

In creating and reaching a continuing state of calmness we build our inner strength and self-confidence, there-in enabling ourselves further growth…

Home is nothing more than where you feel at home…

It is the epitome of foolishness to violently suppress people as is proven throughout the history of humanity, yet we still do. Can you not ask why?

Older Parents will understand 😉

When they get the news of a child coming, people are joyfully ecstatic. Soon after that the same people begin to worry that the child may be sick or deformed. When a healthy child finally arrives, the people's life are completely joyous and love filled and are happen for a short moment Then the child grows… 😉


This most heart stopping daze, can’t be real,
Desperately looking for her, this emptiness,
Nothing left but pain, world morpheme loss,

I reach out to hold, finding only destitute air,
How can this be truth, I must have you close,
Where are you love, without you I am so lost,

I sit with tears flowing, empty void in my bed,
I pray this nightmare be over, silence returned,
Screaming out for you, only echoing emptiness,


The never-ending questions. “Why now,’ “What did I do wrong that caused this,” “How can I ever go on alone,” “My faith is ended, how could I ever again give thanks,” “What could I have done to change this,” The doubts never seem to end. But over time, with acceptance and understanding peace will return. The pain and suffering never really end, yet we will learn to live a new life, even happiness will return with time. Know that many of us suffer just as you are. The painting I called “Pain & Loss” done right after I lost a dear friend.


Grandmother Says

Grandmother pulling me out under the big old oak,
Saying sit down boy I have something to say to you,
I need for you to pay close attention to all I’ll share,
I give you this in an attempt at building your future,
Let no-one push you into rushing through your life,

I know great troubles will find you but don’t give up,
Know these challenges will make you ever stronger,
Take your time holding on to every treasured moment,
You will find a companion being together sharing love,
Live a simple life, avoid the pitfalls of greed and envy,

Choose employment doing something you can love,
Cast off all lust for the rich man’s gold, true import,
Do this for me but more significantly do for yourself,
Know that everything you ever need is in your soul,
What I want for you my son is a full life of happiness,

Avoid frustration seeking answers, you’ll find yourself,
Just follow your heart and find answers already within,
Let no-one lead you from the truth trusting in yourself,
You can do this for in my vision, can see it shining in you,

My son, live life as simple man, freely giving and loving,
Always be satisfied with who you are, love yourself  first…

November 4th 2014

grandmother and son

Life Goes On

Once I lived strong, a needful part of life,
Time goes on, I falter, pallid, cast off in a heap,
I’m unnoticed, a useless relic, reminder cast-off,

But now a change, hope blooms, brighter days,
I’ve made new friends here, companions, new joy,
We exist together, senescent, forgotten antiquity,

And yet we are becoming more, growing anew,
An altering into a greater state than ever before,
Now with new purpose, new meaning for being,

People now come to gaze upon us, quiet praise,
Talking of how we represent so fine a memory,
They hear out silent song, learn of our serenity,
We now have purpose once more, significance,

Living again, a different life with contentment,


Times Past

Life Ebbs

Much as an old clock slowing, winding down for the last time,
Spring broken, winder lost, is it two o’clock now or five?
Monday, Saturday, or perhaps a lost day already gone by,
I can’t tell any more, seems all my caring has gone for good,
I have fallen through too many years, I fear never to come back,
The hands of time have  kept turning, but I am stuck right here,
Can there be anything to help me find myself, make it as it was,
Back before age overrun me, overtook my youthful free being,
In misty cobwebbed memories, an ever dimming view of what I was,
Is it too late, it seems over before it began, so tired, so lost, so ended,
The fates lay on their cold dry hands, pulling at my soul. dragging,
I slow, all resistance failing, to battle on is a meaningless exercise,
Wandering around in a dazed confusion, helpless, need to start over,
Sands of time running out weakly, a muddled riot of unfulfilled dreams,
Completely befuddled, visions come, sight clears, something new,
Stepping outside of time, I see again the wondrous vision of the tree of life,
Limbs showing futures yet to come, new paths going forward, beginnings,
Even as I watch I see the newest of life budding forth as new leaves,
Old leaves in death falling back to the source of sustenance, the start of all,
The dense haze returns yet cannot hide this, the brightest yet of my visions,
No longer do I feel the need to look for answers, no rhymes or riddles dire,
Time is now meaningless, I cannot remember why it ever had importance,
Tis’ the late fall of my journey, with summer at an end, winter nigh,
I now have peace, for I feel the contentment to come, the harmony, the love,
I rejoice in my soon coming reunion with those so missed, to be joined again,
For now, I know I am but one of the falling leaves from the great tree,
I’m going back to my home, young once more, my newest path before me,
I am content and happy, looking forward to all my new tomorrows,





I can only be described now as wreckage,
Find no answers no matter how I search,
All this damage, my dreams are dead,
Yet still fighting to escape this mess,
Listen close, can you hear my shrieks,
I would hate for you to feel my pain,
Trying to hide it, silence the screams,
My tears like flooding rain, but hidden,

Deep on the inside, I stay in misery,
I’m dying they say, I fear it be true,
On the outside, false front, strong,
Inside, I beg to be helped, weak,
Life after the wreck, is a wreck,
Heartbeat slowing, life ebbing,
I gasp for breath, desperate to hold,
But why hold, cannot this be my last breath,

Alone,the tears steam down my face,
Falling down, can’t get up, lost,
My heart torn out, my mind gone,
I have only the flames, the smoke,
Thoughts of past, Dancing past,
All I have left, of a journey so fine,
And even now at an end, I still hold love,
Still want to give, to share, to aid,

I’ve loved like you can never know,
Shared moments of pure magic with so many,
I watched the downtrodden rise and flourish,
Saw lives change and brighten, grow,
Afraid I had lost, the best of me,
May even have thought it dead,
But it didn’t die, it still lives in this mess,

Who is she, old woman reaching for help,
Doesn’t matter, I must do what I can,
This is who I am, have always been,
In the midst of crisis, I must act,
Yearn to see a dove fly once more,
That is my meaning, my need, my truth,
Is it all in my head, a real mess in there,
If I tried for myself, I can’t, lost in the past,

Could I find hope for tomorrow,
Sorry to answer no, yet I still love a dove,
I’m still here, no leverage, waiting,
Awaiting ere the end to finally come,
I’m dying you see, a wreckage is all now,
But I been all I needed, fulfilling and true,
For I’ve lived with a passion, a life based on love,
A satisfaction fills my soul, though I feel incomplete,

Time nears for a rest, I deserve at least that,
And I embrace the idea, to go home at last…


Newest Old Knowledge


We’ve gotten wiser as we’ve aged,
We heard them say they love the sun,
Yet when it shines they hide in shade,
It made us fearful when they said they loved us,
Ere so, we held back, kept a distance,

Now, older, more lived, we know the truth,
Having evolved with love, our fear long now gone,
We hide not from the light, nor run from darkness,
I as we all, carry the eternal in being, our core as one,
Love is, love always will be, love ere our eternity,

It is we who are the light, the truth, the reason,
For we are love, just as we were meant to be,
Thus ere no fear, not of the future, not of the end,
Our paths intertwine with the purest of love,
Our journeys, true adventures of a lifetime,

Those with pure eyes have seen, now know,
Those with the purest of hearts, understand,
The Creator gives us all we are, can and will be,
Yet it is for us to hold, cherish, and grow,
And we will…