Stirring It A Bit

  This is a link to a video that provides one of the best presentations of this subject I’ve seen. It’s a lazy Saturday, so give it a watch, while you’re you’re watching allow yourself to try to put aside our natural tendency to ‘judge’ rather than think and consider, looking at our world with a mind open to the relationships you’ve been able to observe throughout our lives. (but probably pushed to the back of your mind to avoid the conflict those observations create within us, just like we most of us do to avoid taking some kind of responsibility for agony shining from the eyes of that poor street person begging along our daily path,)

  Allow yourself to look openly into the possibility of humanity having been breed and specifically trained like various breeds of dogs created at a master’s whim. Look closely at how the structures of the ‘education’ we were raised with might have directed the focus of our outlooks, attitudes,  and personalities as adults, even the possibility that we were designed to bend us into what the few need us to be in order to further and sustain their own  control agendas. ‘They’ve’  had thousands of years to prefect ‘their’ techniques and skills for this. Things like “My Country is the Greatest Country, My God is the only TRUE God, so if you don’t believe ‘Right’ then you must be taught the ‘Truth’ until you believe ‘Right’ or be eliminated for you heresy, The rest of all life on our world means nothing compare to Man, because only Man was created in ‘God’s’ image, My countries War is a duty I must support quite simply because only we know the ‘truth’ and so you have to be wrong and stopped permanently, or You have resources you aren’t intelligent enough to use properly and I need them so I have a ‘God Given Right’ to invade your country and take them, killing you all if you even dare to resist.” Obviously, unfortunately I could go on and on 😦 

  By now, even the few of you that have bothered to read this much of my ‘rant’ are probably thinking I’m talking about some kind of conspiratorial theory crap or something but I’m not. Allow yourselves to finally wake up, think for yourselves, and dream again of exactly what a ‘heaven’ we could create right here right now, if only we can get together as one, with mutual respect, acceptance, and caring. Embracing with admiration the gifts of small differences we have as the blessings they truly are. We can still be all we could be, as one within the unity of existence.

Darwin’s Great Discoveries and Today


Old he was, even throughout his beginnings,
Never ever giving himself the time to be a child,
His meaning and drive to fill whats need he found,
Only to fill the needs, Only to service, giving his all,
A depth of wisdom startling in its expansiveness scope,
And this he was, born to be, made to be, meant to always be,
And we can know, this he was…

Grandfather, on these recent few days I felt your gentle arm upon my shoulder once more, heard your words whispered quietly in my ear. You filled me with joys once again as you guided my pen and brush. Happiness within my as I felt yours. I can see you yet, sitting on the knee of the One, his arm resting gently across your own shoulders. It is His loving words whispering his thanks for your work well done.
I thank you grandfather, for you guidance, your sharing, your service to the people, and above all, I thank you grandfather for your unending love,


Wise elder nearing the end


Tis Only You

I see your dreams flooding out from your eyes,
Your heartbreaks from memories better left to die,
The very substance of you yearning to at last be fee,
Your soul still holding strong to those hopes yet to come,
And in my seeing you, knowing you, my life at last fulfilled
For tis you my friend, my heart, my soul, you who makes me be,



My Dreams And Thoughts

And here I am again,
Lost in my dreamy thoughts,
All adventure, contentment, wishes,
What could have been, perhaps will be,
If only we were two, my dream, my companion,
Heart filling love, still I search, see, want, need, hope,
If only, call to me I hear, wave I’ll see, touch I’ll feel,
Make me complete, make me full, sated within,
Come to me my partner, my equal, my soul,
Fill me as I’ve never been filled before,
Two as one, this journey of dreams,
A path shining lay before us,
If only it is to yet become



My Pain Within

By myself I walk this path,
And I cannot ask but still I wish,
I need so little just joys and hope,
Dreams to hold an impassioned love,
Reaching right out in most loving care,
I will give and give by bringing you laughs,
In seeing your pain I’m driven to rush to aid,
Yet I hide these truths behind these my smiles,
Knowing the jokes hide an agonizing by the pain,
Many of you I’m fooling to think you might know me,
But you never will for this is only my life of lies on lies,


I am not focusing on an inner pain brought from doubt, heartbreak, or despair with this writing, but rather from an overwhelming physical pain, a pain I use deep meditation constantly in order to ‘keep it from winning.’ I was crushed from just above the waist down back in 1999 the result of which left me in a wheel chair with many physical challenges, and an existence truly racked with chronic pain. Because of who I am I fight daily to hide the truth of this pain from others, not a ‘pride thing at all, but my need to not allow my pain to impact other endangering their own peace. I must if I am to be true to my own innate sense of being. All I have to deal with this problem is a deep level of meditation, a depth I must maintain around the clock, even in sleep. Now, nearing the end of this path, I share the truth in the hope that others dealing with their own such difficulties with find some solace in the knowledge that there are others that truly understand the battle they face each day, and my heartfelt hope the my example can give them the inspiration to win-out over their own massive battle in a way that bring peace and happiness back into their lives. I would say to the “You can be happy, you can live a wonderful love filled existence by making each day the most positive you can, by embracing every little joy you can, focusing only on the best, and allowing the pain to fade into the background. Creation gave us the tools to manage any challenge if only we rediscover them within ourselves, rediscover by making peace with ourselves, learning to trust in ourselves, and know the can make our lives exactly as we want them to be. I would share strength and care with you all, freely and with love…
Namaste,  -easy


Dreams Entwined

“The red rose cries, “She is near, she is near;”
And the white rose weeps, “She is late;”
The larkspur listens, “I hear, I hear;”
And the lily whispers, “I wait.”
― Alfred Tennyson

For the dreamer sees her at his side,
The lost one fears she will never come,
The comfortable hears her voice on the wind,
And the lover content in knowing she will yet come,



A mind serene, full of quietest contemplation,
This my private place of thought and belonging,
Reaching within embracing dreams and inspiration,
Creation’s gifts of soul filling happiness all joyous,
I find completion in these smallest of things,
Fulfilment in this simplicity of being,