Gentle Reminders

Overwhelmed by my grief,
A friend reaches out in understanding,
Reminds me though we do not get over grief,
We can learn to live a new life, a life with our grief
We can rebuild our lives to include happiness and love,
And we will, if nothing else than for the ones we have lost,
Because we know that’s what they would want for us.
And know that one day in our future,
We will again be rejoined,


Grandmother Says

Grandmother pulling me out under the big old oak,
Saying sit down boy I have something to say to you,
I need for you to pay close attention to all I’ll share,
I give you this in an attempt at building your future,
Let no-one push you into rushing through your life,

I know great troubles will find you but don’t give up,
Know these challenges will make you ever stronger,
Take your time holding on to every treasured moment,
You will find a companion being together sharing love,
Live a simple life, avoid the pitfalls of greed and envy,

Choose employment doing something you can love,
Cast off all lust for the rich man’s gold, true import,
Do this for me but more significantly do for yourself,
Know that everything you ever need is in your soul,
What I want for you my son is a full life of happiness,

Avoid frustration seeking answers, you’ll find yourself,
Just follow your heart and find answers already within,
Let no-one lead you from the truth trusting in yourself,
You can do this for in my vision, can see it shining in you,

My son, live life as simple man, freely giving and loving,
Always be satisfied with who you are, love yourself  first…

November 4th 2014

grandmother and son

Family of Humanity

We walk a Path
Ever moving on this our journey
Learning, knowing, moving, growing
We begin to know, begin to understand
All together, we become one with all
Knowing in our hearts and souls,

Peace is the answer
One family, life’s blessing, meaning
This is the why, our reason for being
We must help, aid, reach out and hold
You need, I give, we are one together
This small world, need to become family
Need to know, give, share, love, respect
Together, we make the one greater

For we are that one…



Heart Broken

I reach out my hands desperate to touch love,
Finding only emptiness where you should be,
In a panic I jump up to search where you are,
Ever so slowly my memory begins to clear,

With remembrance returns my tormented soul,
Realization that you are truly gone, lost to me,
Death had scythed his cruel hands into my life,
I now live in a nightmare, tears ever unending,

Over and over I ask myself how can I go on,
So much angriness that you have been seized,
I’ve lost my faith, no room for an uncaring God,
I know I need you back, I need you holding me,

And thusly this has been my life too long a time,
Tell me what to do to put meaning to my sadness,
I beg give me a sign to help me one more instance,
Demonstrate erstwhile that our love still thrives,

A small voice asks me if we may talk for a while,
They offer a cognition creating a depth of thought,
A realization of simple truths concealed by my grief,
Clarity that presents a reason to find purpose, hope,

They remind me that you are not really lost to me,
Unseen you are still right here, still embracing me,
Your love is not gone but grown with wonder, joy,
Each of my days are now with your arms enfolding,

Your greatest want is to see me blissful, glad ere more,
To firmly grasp my life again, to treasure each second,
For the gifts you brought me, I owe you this and more,
The wonders with which you fill me, make me alive,

And they share with me even more truthful a vision,
For this is not an end, for at some little time reunion,
And reunited our love shall light the all of existence,
A newest star lighting the heavens, lasts for all time,

And another reminder, for sadly perhaps, we do not ‘get over’ our grief at losing loved ones. But we do learn to live a new life, with our grief. We can and should be happy, going on forward once more while being honest and true to our caring and loving natures. Not a betrayal but more in honoring those having gone on before us, Can we do any less for the love they share with us?

Namaste and blessings,

easy… 11/25/2014

Last Sonnet

When I die, I want your hands in mine,
I desire the caress of your beloved hands,
One last moment sharing the love of my soul,
I need to feel the softness that changed my life,

I want you to truly live while I await you in the dream,
I want your ears to hear whispers of the wind,
To walk the seashore in the sands we loved together,
To continue to bask in the beauty that we shared,

I want what I love to continue to live in the magic,
For it is you whom I love and sang above all else,
Continue to flourish, full-flowered, fully embraced,

Teach the world everything sharing my love has given,
Let my shadow travel along in strands your flowing hair,
Let all truly know learn the reason for my happiness and song,


You Are My Love

My joy, need, hunger,
Seeking shelter, friendships

And oh, such friends, such love,
This the food for majestic Journey,

ere I near my journey’s end I fear,

You are my breath, my beating heart,
You give me hope dear companion,
You fulfill my cravings, necessities,
My abundant pleasures throughout life,
Without you, no life, no joy, no love,

Never to have wandered these endless years,
You brought out so much grace from me,
So many favors, given me so many gifts,
Everywhere I look, there I find your love,
When suddenly you drift by, I fill with it,

O Captain of my Heart, dance with me,
Radiant eye of yearning here in my breast,
I can never move far from your blessings
Know for as long as this journey may last,
I pray you to be satisfied with me, in love,

And know I am satisfied, content, and happy,


He’s Really Gone

Because I lack the easy path to travel,
I’m left with only blunt stone that cuts,
Ever near the river to slip and fall into,
A pulling and sucking pain ere every step,
It once was such a wonderful full journey,
Each artful moment filled with love and joy,

We became so much as two bonded into one,
Yet far too soon came a chaotic evil wind,
A din like the able thunder of false gods,
Some have said he might b a trouble perhaps,
But was my trouble and therefore no trouble,
My love for him reached down to my very soul,

Loaded down with sickness terrible,
Yet being that we were not on some list,
Little aid was there for him grasp and find,
And we of faith did prayed with all our strength,
Yet there only silence with no answer heard in time,
And now I sit here now dead inside, all alone, all broken,

So much courage it took him to fight his battles,
But of that he had a mighty Army’s share and more,
Yet even through the worst as he suffered this horror,
It was like he loved me even me more and more,
His loving heart now lost for an eternity unrivalled,
Leaving my soul echoing as if an old steel drum,

Come back to me my beloved companion,
Return to your place here at against my side,
Lay again beside me in the late night shadows,
Scare all the demons into running from my bed,
So little do I ask of you, your return is my is all I need,
You must make my heart to heal, restore my soul to me…

easy…Nov, 12, 2014

A Brother’s Promise

I will have your back, whatever the challenge,
Will aid you to reach for only the best you can,
Together we can best and overcome trials and pain,
We will create what we need to win through to our goals,
Your dreams become my focus, forthcoming reality,
I promise to be exactly what you may ask for,
No judgement, no resistance, no lack,
Together we are strong…


My Love Now Gone

Patched heart

Here in my heart, you will always live,
I feel like a tree bent by the winds,
Every day your memory comes around,
This bitter-sweet burning in my soul,
Would but I could do it all again, my love,
I held you in my heart for such a short time,
I grew to really know the man you were,
My beautiful partner, my husband, my love,
You need to know, I’m still your biggest fan,

Holding your hand till you needed to shake free,
With you my world was ever filled with joy,
Hoping to watch you as our son grew up,
All dressed up, looking for his wife, his love,
But I weep, knowing you are gone too soon,
What was Gods plan when he took your life,
You never got to see our son playing ball,
Never got to hold our grandchildren when they came,
How could God just leave the two of us here alone,

Waking through our house, each step brings memories,
Seeing you lay there, in that box hurt me to the core.
If only love alone could have kept you here,
I would have had more than enough to keep you dear,
I wish God would please help me to understand,
I promise you my love, when the world forgets,
And passing of time deepens lines on my face,
Nothing can take the love we knew away,
In my heart and soul I still groan and mourn,

Darling of mine, Greatest love of my life,
My soul now bleeds without you in my world,
You sweetest of sweet men, I still love you so…