The Beauty of Peace

I’m looking down, on the green and blue,
With clouds above, between me and you.

The beauty of this place called earth,
It’s plain to see it now deserves,
An end to all this war and dread,
Redirected to pure love instead,
Angels work by our sides,
To put an end to earth’s decline.

Stand up for oneness,
As we’re all the same,
Beams of light from where we came,
The source of life that’s all around,
Energetic realms dimensions found,
Shifting between the beams of light,
It’s time for all on earth, to fly.

The balance of all life on earth,
Will be returned, as it’s now deserved,
To the peaceful surroundings in which we live,
Harmonious melodies of love will sing,
Between you and me, and every living thing.

A flotilla of angels, will line the streets,
With cries of peace, as their lights released,
Time on earth for angels work, to come to an end,
When earth is served, with eternal loving peace,
In the hearts of all living free.

No longer exists, any pain,
Just love vibrations, for all to gain,
The time is now to stand together,
There is no storm we cannot weather,
Join the light and shine it bright,
Over the beauty, of the green and blue,
That will soon exist, with love that blooms.

Written by Jason Petch 30/11/14


Heart Broken

I reach out my hands desperate to touch love,
Finding only emptiness where you should be,
In a panic I jump up to search where you are,
Ever so slowly my memory begins to clear,

With remembrance returns my tormented soul,
Realization that you are truly gone, lost to me,
Death had scythed his cruel hands into my life,
I now live in a nightmare, tears ever unending,

Over and over I ask myself how can I go on,
So much angriness that you have been seized,
I’ve lost my faith, no room for an uncaring God,
I know I need you back, I need you holding me,

And thusly this has been my life too long a time,
Tell me what to do to put meaning to my sadness,
I beg give me a sign to help me one more instance,
Demonstrate erstwhile that our love still thrives,

A small voice asks me if we may talk for a while,
They offer a cognition creating a depth of thought,
A realization of simple truths concealed by my grief,
Clarity that presents a reason to find purpose, hope,

They remind me that you are not really lost to me,
Unseen you are still right here, still embracing me,
Your love is not gone but grown with wonder, joy,
Each of my days are now with your arms enfolding,

Your greatest want is to see me blissful, glad ere more,
To firmly grasp my life again, to treasure each second,
For the gifts you brought me, I owe you this and more,
The wonders with which you fill me, make me alive,

And they share with me even more truthful a vision,
For this is not an end, for at some little time reunion,
And reunited our love shall light the all of existence,
A newest star lighting the heavens, lasts for all time,

And another reminder, for sadly perhaps, we do not ‘get over’ our grief at losing loved ones. But we do learn to live a new life, with our grief. We can and should be happy, going on forward once more while being honest and true to our caring and loving natures. Not a betrayal but more in honoring those having gone on before us, Can we do any less for the love they share with us?

Namaste and blessings,

easy… 11/25/2014



I can only be described now as wreckage,
Find no answers no matter how I search,
All this damage, my dreams are dead,
Yet still fighting to escape this mess,
Listen close, can you hear my shrieks,
I would hate for you to feel my pain,
Trying to hide it, silence the screams,
My tears like flooding rain, but hidden,

Deep on the inside, I stay in misery,
I’m dying they say, I fear it be true,
On the outside, false front, strong,
Inside, I beg to be helped, weak,
Life after the wreck, is a wreck,
Heartbeat slowing, life ebbing,
I gasp for breath, desperate to hold,
But why hold, cannot this be my last breath,

Alone,the tears steam down my face,
Falling down, can’t get up, lost,
My heart torn out, my mind gone,
I have only the flames, the smoke,
Thoughts of past, Dancing past,
All I have left, of a journey so fine,
And even now at an end, I still hold love,
Still want to give, to share, to aid,

I’ve loved like you can never know,
Shared moments of pure magic with so many,
I watched the downtrodden rise and flourish,
Saw lives change and brighten, grow,
Afraid I had lost, the best of me,
May even have thought it dead,
But it didn’t die, it still lives in this mess,

Who is she, old woman reaching for help,
Doesn’t matter, I must do what I can,
This is who I am, have always been,
In the midst of crisis, I must act,
Yearn to see a dove fly once more,
That is my meaning, my need, my truth,
Is it all in my head, a real mess in there,
If I tried for myself, I can’t, lost in the past,

Could I find hope for tomorrow,
Sorry to answer no, yet I still love a dove,
I’m still here, no leverage, waiting,
Awaiting ere the end to finally come,
I’m dying you see, a wreckage is all now,
But I been all I needed, fulfilling and true,
For I’ve lived with a passion, a life based on love,
A satisfaction fills my soul, though I feel incomplete,

Time nears for a rest, I deserve at least that,
And I embrace the idea, to go home at last…


Newest Old Knowledge


We’ve gotten wiser as we’ve aged,
We heard them say they love the sun,
Yet when it shines they hide in shade,
It made us fearful when they said they loved us,
Ere so, we held back, kept a distance,

Now, older, more lived, we know the truth,
Having evolved with love, our fear long now gone,
We hide not from the light, nor run from darkness,
I as we all, carry the eternal in being, our core as one,
Love is, love always will be, love ere our eternity,

It is we who are the light, the truth, the reason,
For we are love, just as we were meant to be,
Thus ere no fear, not of the future, not of the end,
Our paths intertwine with the purest of love,
Our journeys, true adventures of a lifetime,

Those with pure eyes have seen, now know,
Those with the purest of hearts, understand,
The Creator gives us all we are, can and will be,
Yet it is for us to hold, cherish, and grow,
And we will…


My Treasured Friend

I have seen you, have known you,
I thank the Creator for your place in my life,
You arrived when I was most in need,
Returning to me, all hope I had lost,
The bright core of you, your faith, your love,
With your caring soul, you heal mountains of pain,
Seeing you share kindness, has allowed me to share,
The broken-hearted relearn joy and love,

You are an Angel, completing the lives of so many,
A true blessing in this world we walk,
And so my dear friend, I give you thanks,
A thank you for all the gifts you’ve shared,
For your heart, mind, and soul, your essence,

And finally, I thank you for being my truest friend,
For I would herein, with much pride, tell the world,
You are my greatest friend,
My greatest treasure,
And I will ever send love…


Dancing on the the edge, in Bliss

Born at the bottom, of society’s dregs
Yet compassion and caring, my very meaning
Compassionate always, no matter reason
My journey to embrace, spread loving embrace
For everything, everyone, all life is equal

I’ve danced on the edge, looked over the abyss
Held throughout storms, typhoons, winters so dire
My calling is giving, just show me the need
Driven to meet it, no matter the who
Deep scared, from the ones who abuse I admit

Yet if I find need tomorrow, still I’ll reach out
We all need the helping, in time as we journey
This be a hard-hearted world, we must stand together
Can not be let fall, lest they don’t get up
I must reach out a hand, in friendship and care

As I pass by, knowing, others now learn,
They grow in the knowing, in each a new joy
To some I appear haggard, tired out to the core
Worn down, a bit tattered, scars running so deep
Yet my light shining bright, shining and forever

Come join me now, we’re stronger together



An End, or a New Beginning

The end so near, but it does not come
Anticipation, a longing to at last go home
This unbearable agony, need left far behind
Stepping forward on the next step of my journey
Excitement for the newest of futures to come

And yet, here I set…

The end so near, but it does not come
Anticipation, a longing to at last go home
This unbearable agony, need left far behind
Stepping forward on the next step of my journey
Excitement for the newest of futures to come

And yet, here I set
Is there reason, must be, need be
Something yet to do, task incomplete, work unfinished
More unknown, laid out in need of my skills
A helping to be offered, another someone in need
I need to know, desperately, for weary I be

I look within for answers, finding not
Reaching to the Creator, only silence returned
I ask help, yet no hand is thrust forward
Feeling lost, abused, abandoned, alone again
Would I beg, plead, cry out in my shame
Alas, I fear but another voice, lost to the night

So I set here, waiting
All agony, pain, and despair
Hope but a memory, Alone…


Agony Alone
Truest of Agony and Loneliness

Your Gift of Life

At a time in life when most of the people in this world tend to ease and pull back, you give it your all. In the few brief moments you allowed me to be a part of your life, I was amazed in wonder, truly enjoying seeing first hand just how bright your light shines. The gift you given these children with such great needs so loving it is without equal. You share all of your love, compassion, and warmth. Giving love and guidance to them as though they were your own.Far too many others in this world cannot be bothered to care or give, this is one of the thing that make you so special. Far too many around us find some excuse or another to not meet the need seen, but you just leap forward to help overcome. I would tell the others that it would seem a very small selfless sacrifice to make for such for such  noble a cause, but too many see it rather as some kind of annoyance, a disruption to their lives, beneath them, and so walk away without a thought. It takes someone as special as you to step up and embrace the challenges, to accept whatever comes, ere working always to create a better tomorrow. It has truly been an honor to know you.

You have my heart and soul my dear friend, heart and soul ❤

And I would add, I thank you deeply for allowing me to know you Marguerite…

Steve Easy Whitacre

Take Hold

Precious moments, gone, lost to the bane of indifference

So much opportunity, so much of a life’s wonder now gone to waste

Such a travesty of spirit, missed out on blessings

And we sit, watching them all go by

Over and over, unheeding of the luring offer

Take hold I tell you young one

Waste not your short time given

Let not you find yourself old in regret

In regret with short time left

Take Hold

Steve Easy Whitacre