As It Should Be

Enemies we are not,
Though the pulpit insists,
Enemies we are not,
Though many spread hate,

Enemies we are not,
Though a love goes sour,
Enemies we are not,
We can contain our pain,

Enemies we are not,
Even though not the same,
The best of you of lives in me,
The best of me lives in you,

If we but learn to forgive ourselves,
We will be able to forgive anyone,


Answered Search

Drifting Memories

Art and Words to settle my mind

Clinically Depressed

I sit alone, held captive,
These fears hold all control,
Unable to express or emotion,
No interaction with those I most love,
Left to live inside this cocoon of my making,
Watching as love and life go drifting by my widow,
Forever to be passing me by….
An adaptation of a fine poem by Julius Howard

Still Alone

Lonely a wondering be,
Still reaching out in search,
Come enjoin in honour bond,
Journey has been a struggle true,
Step slow pulling step through mire,
Reaching out for aid finding emptiness,
Heart strong stride true somehow continue,
Need the true other must fill this void be whole,
Yet here still I travel alone holding so much of love,
Sobbing need to give and share quite overwhelming,

Will you not come walk with me,
Two as one in this journey of soul…


These Words
These Words


Here I sit again still looking out this same dark window,
Trapped in this room by an illness that won’t set me free,
I look out at the rain feeling blue with sadness for all that was,
All that was never to be again, frustration, anger, hating the pain,
Long endless empty days alone, nothing to share but this agony,
Envy of all those who have moved on while I am stopped here,
Alone since that nightmare of days seeming long ago now,
A quiet knock at the door, an old friend surprises,
You come in asking “How are you this fine day?”
Planting a smile on my face answering “Great!”
Pulling strength from empty well, smile,
Til you go, then complete collapse,
Waiting yet one more time again,
For my earned trip home,
I beg it comes soon,