Comparison Table between Christianity, Islam and Judaism

Thinking out loud. Why do they fight so?

I find this quote highly intriguing,

   In that being that Einstein was a devout Christian, even to the point that he refused to believe in the factual truths found in some of the sound resulting findings of his own research experiments in Quantum Mechanics, dismissing any of the facts that conflicted with his religious teaching by saying,
 “God doth not make mistakes.”
“If people are ‘good’ only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, following the orders of others exclaiming the way they must be to reach that reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed, and humanity is doom to self-destruction.”

~Albert Einstein

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Stirring It A Bit

  This is a link to a video that provides one of the best presentations of this subject I’ve seen. It’s a lazy Saturday, so give it a watch, while you’re you’re watching allow yourself to try to put aside our natural tendency to ‘judge’ rather than think and consider, looking at our world with a mind open to the relationships you’ve been able to observe throughout our lives. (but probably pushed to the back of your mind to avoid the conflict those observations create within us, just like we most of us do to avoid taking some kind of responsibility for agony shining from the eyes of that poor street person begging along our daily path,)

  Allow yourself to look openly into the possibility of humanity having been breed and specifically trained like various breeds of dogs created at a master’s whim. Look closely at how the structures of the ‘education’ we were raised with might have directed the focus of our outlooks, attitudes,  and personalities as adults, even the possibility that we were designed to bend us into what the few need us to be in order to further and sustain their own  control agendas. ‘They’ve’  had thousands of years to prefect ‘their’ techniques and skills for this. Things like “My Country is the Greatest Country, My God is the only TRUE God, so if you don’t believe ‘Right’ then you must be taught the ‘Truth’ until you believe ‘Right’ or be eliminated for you heresy, The rest of all life on our world means nothing compare to Man, because only Man was created in ‘God’s’ image, My countries War is a duty I must support quite simply because only we know the ‘truth’ and so you have to be wrong and stopped permanently, or You have resources you aren’t intelligent enough to use properly and I need them so I have a ‘God Given Right’ to invade your country and take them, killing you all if you even dare to resist.” Obviously, unfortunately I could go on and on 😦 

  By now, even the few of you that have bothered to read this much of my ‘rant’ are probably thinking I’m talking about some kind of conspiratorial theory crap or something but I’m not. Allow yourselves to finally wake up, think for yourselves, and dream again of exactly what a ‘heaven’ we could create right here right now, if only we can get together as one, with mutual respect, acceptance, and caring. Embracing with admiration the gifts of small differences we have as the blessings they truly are. We can still be all we could be, as one within the unity of existence.

Darwin’s Great Discoveries and Today

Reach Out and Help


In this day as all others there are those in dire need. By joining together we can meet this need and aid all, beginning to build a better existence for all mankind. We start with forgiveness, embracing rather than judging, focusing on love and giving rather than holding to the continuing conflicts that have so long ruled our existence. Embrace peace, reach for the light, and create a better tomorrow, together s one.

My Faith

  The Tao te Ching (the way and its power)will serve as your spiritual companion and gently guide you to higher consciousness. Written 25 centuries ago, the Tao has been translated more than any book, excepting the holy bible. In ancient China, during the Zhou dynasty, Lao Zi (“the old child”) penned the Tao as a handbook for leaders. Note: Lao Zi is often spelled Lao Tzu. Do not let the fact that it is written in esoteric language dissuade you from studying and learning to live the Tao principles, if you yearn for the wisdom of inner-peace, personal balance and Truth. Today, Taoism is a Chinese religion though for me it is more of a philosophy, focusing on the principles of the Tao.

  Let me begin by identifying my personal Tao persona. In Chinese, Te is a virtuous person; a person who lives an authentic life. How many of you have searched for the way to live authentically? I know I have. Like other spiritual work, walking the Tao path is a process, which one may practice for a lifetime. Here are a few traits of the Tao person. As you continue your studies, you will discover more. To follow the Tao I respect the cycles of nature and honor all of its co-creations. I embrace change. I strive to detaches from problems focusing rather on knowing solutions will come. I realize nothing is the experience itself, but how I perceive it. I strive to hold great love for the simple, instead of the complex. I am often asked “What is the Essence of the Tao?” The essence of Tao is contained in the first line of the Tao Te Ching (the way and its power). Tao One – “The Tao that can Tao is not the eternal Tao.” Note: Tao is both a verb and noun and means many things, for example, “spiritual path” and “to speak” and “change”. Sit with the quote for awhile. If you are keeping a Journal to Inner-Peace write the first line of Tao One and any insights you receive in your journal. Note: Though I prefer working with the original translation, you may find the more “modern translations” easier to comprehend at the beginning of your path.
  Things to Ponder about the Tao te Ching. The Tao is the nameless source of all-that-is. In other cultures and beliefs it might be called God, Allah, The Great Mystery, or perhaps even The one. We need but remember that as part of the greater whole, the Tao person accepts what-is, what we are, and the potential of what we are becoming. We can’t speak of Tao because it is nameless and wordless.
The Tao that could be spoken of is not the eternal Tao, because the Tao is a process that we practice, a constant state of learning and moving forward. If you start walking the Tao path to wisdom, you will claim it as your “handbook” and most likely will carry it about with you. I would recommend for you to read it slowly. Read it again. Read random passages. Journal about the way and its power. Ponder…
  I have two versions on my website, the first at and the other at
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I look to the North and I see the people scratching and digging at the Earth Mother’s face. Leaving nothing but waste and death behind them, they forsake all of the gifts and life in their greed at collecting the dead leaves.

I look to the East and I see them wrapped in petty war and strife, a continuing fight over words of religions and politics. Gone are the ways of peace, the way taught so long by the old ones, the way needed for them to truly grow as a people.

I look to the South and I see nothing but need, want, and destruction. Where gone their knowing how to serve a need, how to reach out with helping hands to aid those that would become brothers and sisters?

I look to the West and I see only death for the people. Though I and others try with our poorly written words to help them understand, helping them remember what is truly important in life, our words fail or go unheard.

I beg they forgive me for my inability to help them in their need, to help them gain the understanding they so need, and I beg you most Grandfather to forgive me for my failing of you.