Live in Joy, in Love

I choose to live with love
Even surrounded by those who hate
I choose to live in joy
Even among those lost to sadness
I choose to live in peace
Even among those who war and kill

I look within, become the stillness
I free myself from fear and attachment
Allow myself to know the sweet joys of the life
I master my senses, what I taste and smell
What I see and hear, in all things I am master
Master of what I do, say, and think

Now is the time for you to be free

Are you quiet?
Calm your body and mind
By your decision awaken yourself
Watch yourself as you grow and bloom
Allow yourself to be yourself
Choose to joyfully and with love
Feel the source, follow the truth of inner soul
Reflect upon it, make it your own
Live it, be it, relearn your part in it
It will always sustain you

Live in Joy, in Love…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 5, 2009

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…

I Am Because I Choose

I stand here
I am because I choose
Yet I am more
A small part of the greatness of all
One of many, dot on the page
But I am the all…

We experience ourselves,
Our thoughts and feelings create us
Forced as something separate from the rest
An optical delusion of consciousness
This delusion becoming all for us,
Restricting us to our personal desires
Limiting affection for a special few
Those nearest to us only
A false path we create…

We must work tirelessly to free ourselves from the prison
We must widen our circle of compassion
Embrace all living creatures
Hold to the whole of nature in its beauty
In this we find the true value of human beings
Determined by having obtained liberation from the self
And therein in growth we substantially change
The new manner of thinking needed if humanity is to survive…

I stand here
I am because I choose
Yet I am more
A small part of the greatness of all
One of many, dot on the page
But I am the all…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 4, 2009

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…

Because we tend to forget…

So what happens when you focus on all the things that you don’t have? Your lack of money, your bad health, the ill health of your family and impending loss, your loss of what was so special to you. What happens When this becomes your whole world?

You get stuck, and you stay stuck. Every thought you have either makes you stronger or weaker. Thoughts of kindness, hope, forgiveness, and peace are strengthening. Anger, anxiety, worry, and fear weaken you. You must process events in terms of appreciation rather than depreciation. You either feel that the universe is plentiful and providing, or you feel short-changed, that nothing is ever right. That’s what I call a scarcity mentality – expecting that things won’t work out for you. I was recently talking with an ill friend and she said, “With my luck the way its been, I won’t make it another year.” I answered, “With my luck, I will make it a hundred!” I think she may be buying a grave plot.

Once you get yourself stuck, to get unstuck, you have to look deep inside and really change the way you look at everything, make yourself look at everything differently. Before you go to bed, create an image of what you want for yourself; then act as if you are who you want to be. Catch yourself verbalizing self-defeating thoughts, stop labeling yourself, and take time just to be.

You quiet your mind. We’re thinking too much! It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music. So get quiet. Meditate; go for a walk; listen to the birds, to the wind. Breathe in the fresh air and allow your mind to let go. Ya, I know, I can hear you saying “I don’t have the time to do that.” But the thing is, If you don’t take time for being healthy, you’ll eventually have to make time for being sick. You can meditate for two minutes at a red light. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. The person behind you will let you know when your two minutes are up!

There are signs of your finding inner peace. When we have a sense of peace we tend to smile, feel compassion, and enjoy the moment. We lose interest in conflict, and we stop worrying! Stop worrying because there’s nothing to worry about. It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized, frozen, locked in a never ending spiral down the dark tunnel.

So the next time you’re tossing and turning in bed, First think of God, whatever God means to you. Think of the universal force that allows an acorn to turn into an oak tree or a blossom to become an orange. The moment you bring spiritual energy to the present, worry and anguish dissolve.

Think I’ve mastered this? I don’t know that I have! I struggle with the same things you do, and, like you, a lot that thankfully few other people ever have to face. I’ve dealt with marital problems, problems with my kids, and the tragic and violent deaths of my loved ones. What I’ve learned is to remind myself that all I have is today. That sometimes helps me shift my attention to what’s good and right.

Forgiveness is a dramatic way to transform a life. Forgiving my father for for all the years of abusing his family was a turning point for me. After he died, I went to my father’s grave and told him, I don’t know what motivated you to run your life as you did, but I forgive you. Afterward I felt a deep sense of relief and peace. Forgiveness is transforming. When you hold a grudge, the poisons of anger and blame destroy you.

Your heart weakens, your blood pressure rises, you get ulcers. It wrecks your health, makes you miserable. And when you forgive, miracles begin to appear in your life because forgiveness heals. It’s the core of every great spiritual teaching – from Jesus and Buddha to Gandhi and Mother Teresa. I also recommend the art of detachment, one of life’s great lessons. Detach from the opinions of others; from the habit of judging or controlling others; from the past; from the need to be right and to win; from an obsession with material things. Follow your passion in life, but detach from the outcome and allow the universe to handle the details.

Peace and Blessings,

Steve `Easy` Whitacre Nov. 8th, 2008

Spirit’s Voice

Come my brothers, my sisters
Come all the children of this land
Come sit by my fire as night closes around us
Watch the flames pushing the smoke toward the star lit sky
Feel the hope swelling within as we send our prayers riding the smoke
Smoke the messenger carrying the prayers to the great mystery above

Sit quietly wrapped in the warmth and love of the silence
Hear the crackling of the fire, the sounds of family sharing happiness
The warmth we feel coming from this sharing of love, not the flames of fire
Gaze fully into each other’s eyes, what do you see? What to know in that reflection?
You will see yourself, yourself in the eyes of another, a part of that makes us who we are
Learn the truth, see the reality, hear the wisdom, and know your own connectedness

Close your eyes, and listen to the whispers from the shadows
Creation’s song dancing on the winds as they stir the flames ever higher
Another gift from the mystery, offering so much, all we need do is listen
Open your heart and soul to the words, for only when we listen and learn can we grow
For only with wisdom can the people reach happiness and fulfillment in their lives
Come my brothers, my sisters, share my fire and find hope…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 28th, 2008

Walking the Shining Path

We all desire a better tomorrow. A World made better, more peaceful and tranquil, with which to raise our children and live our lives. If you want to make a real difference in this world we all share, there are steps to learn to take. First, learn to be optimistic. Don’t allow yourself to be depressed, frustrated and disillusioned, all the time. Know that you are doing what you can and that it counts. Every single solitary thing that we each do and say and, most especially think, really does count. More than you can ever believe. Some might argue that we don’t have any choice in this upside down dangerous world and that we can’t effect what will happen. But even if we can’t immediately alter the course of human events on the world level, we can certainly create change in our own lives and in all of the lives that we touch, (and this is really where it all starts, yourself), and our thoughts are the seeds of that change.

Use your thoughts wisely. Understand their power. Thoughts have a tendency to become their physical equivalent. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Another one is the Law of Attraction, which states that ‘like attracts like,’ positive to positive, negative to negative. Because it is consciousness that creates reality, the kind of consciousness you hold, your vibration if you will, actually creates the kind of life you’re living. So our first order of business must be to stay positive. Hold and entertain only positive possibilities. Teach yourself to imagine only affirmative alternatives. Surround yourself with wholly uplifting, life-affirming people and influences. Align yourself solely with the greater good so that your actions will be born of only the finest of your best intentions.

Remind yourself that far away, there in the sunshine, are your highest aspirations. You may not reach them, but you can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. I have been haunted recently by the words written by a Protestant minister after the downfall of the Nazi regime. “First they came for the gays. I am not gay, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Gypsies. I am not a Gypsy, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Jews. I am not a Jew, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Catholics. I am not a Catholic, so I didn’t say anything. When they finally came for me, there was no one left to say anything.”

Be bold.
Make a statement.
Make a stand.
Make a difference.

In light of the widespread oppression, manipulation, intimidation that surrounds us today, you most certainly need to say something. You need, in fact, to talk to everyone who you meet, actually engage on a human level with those who you encounter as you make it through our day. Not just your families, friends and colleagues or those of presumed like-minds, but the shoe repair guy, the waitress at the coffee shop, the post office clerk, the bag boy at the super market.

If you ignore, exploit or patronize those people whose lives intersect with yours, how can you expect international relations to be more civilized? You need to “Walk your talk” wherever you go, whatever you do, remembering always, that by doing so you do make a difference. Let yourself be a sun, sending your caring energy out into the world, shedding light wherever you go. You never know who you might touch, or what a difference you may make with the radiance of your smile and warmth of your friendship.

Walk in peace and beauty,

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 10th, 2006
wa-ya dv-ga gv-do-di go-la-nv

The Plea

Oh great mystery,
Whose voice I hear on the winds
Winds the life giving breath of all
I beg you listen to my plea

I am but one of your many children
So weak, ignorant, and small
I need your wisdom and strength

I ask for your help to walk in peace and beauty
To ever find joy in your magnificent regal sunsets
Teach my hands to respect the things you have made
And allow me to listen, and so to hear your voice

Make me wise, so that I may understand the lessons you teach
All of your lessons hidden within each leaf, tree, and rock
I beg you for this gift of wisdom and strength
Not to be better to my brothers, but to ready for my greatest fight
The fight with my most powerful of enemies; myself

Then I will be ready to come back to you with clear heart and upright eye
And on that day, when this life ebbs away as a fading sunset
My spirit may come back to you without shame

And for this gift, and the magical gift of life around me
I lift my arms on high and give thanks
I will not forget…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 16th, 2007