Wisdom Complete

Images shared of wisdom’s glowing,
How can we not see, not know for truths,
Age old knowledge filling this life grown soul,
Calming breezes floating across landscape a mores,
Reach out, take a hand, continue this path together one,
This age long journey of primordial majestic joys,
We can and will, complete at long last time.
Contemplation of spirit’s contentment,
No finer can there to us be found,
Complete at last in silence ere,
Finest of knowledge reached,
I now know…




As the strong man meets all struggles,
There the woman supporting with prayer,
Wondrous woman building family in joy,
Man holding all with his loving prayer,
This union, this bond, together as one,
Embraced in the most caring of Creation,




To Be is Happiness

Misplaced long hunt for happiness,
Infinite dark forests of darker ego,
False flights of waste and illusion,
Starstruck name seeking my fame,

Actual happiness found in minutes,
A good fortune accepted and held,
Gifts of Creation each so precious,
Taking nothing and giving our all,

Meeting obligation in honest vigil,
Turning away all self-centred ego,
Free of all fictitious false relation,
Existence of contentment all true,
Dedicated to achieve highest aims,

Mindful of misguided acute feeling,
Realizing oneself in simplicity real,
Knowing ourself as humble human,
These riches held within are the gift,

Already in deep to our core beings,
Attempt without work natural bliss,
Allow the truth come naturally free,
This real pleasure of our very being...


Four Steps

Learn that putting conditions on experiences will never make you happy,
Know that craving the best, while fearing the worst, is a living death,
Walk the path of simplicity, cultivating mindfulness and meditation,
Live in the moment, this very second is the greatest of your life,