This is a page for some of my other writings….

Page Links:

Amy’s Story
America what happened?
A Rant Of Sorts
Doctor Martin Luther King Beyond Vietnam
An Answer of Sorts
Four Steps
How Dog Came to the Indian
How Tired of War and Death
Grandfather’s Lessons
Light Workers
It Must Be True
Iron Eagle Dream
In the interest of understanding and peace
Life and Friends
The Journey of the Great Ice
And what of the Jyn a continuation, of the journey of the great ice saga
Live the One
Make a Difference!
Make it Better
Mystery I Beg
Mayan Traditions
Pain and Heartbreak
Precious Gift
Quote of Wisdom
Step Forward
Users and Abusers
Steps Along the Path
Tao First Verse Explanations
Time to Move On
Teach Our Children Compassion
The Ancient One
The Awakening
The Cricket and the Frogs
The Lost One and the Road Back
Rust and Broken Dreams
Stirring I A Bit
The Singing Tao
The Tao
The never Ending Ride
True Path Walker
The Path of Mystery
Stirring It A Bit
Walking the Shinning Path
Which Are You?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Who We Are
Will You Help Create Better
The List

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One thought on “Other Writings

  1. Reading your writings…
    I know why I love you so much…and for so long. Miss you, hope all is well. Keep in touch.


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