Drifting Memories

Art and Words to settle my mind

An Attempt at Goodbye…

Yes, another one of those last moment attempts at saying a goodbye to the wonders I’ve loved and lived, and more especially for the wonders you so freely gave to me, and of which you have been/are the most important part.

An amazing journey, full and varied, made ever more so by my being blessed at having each of you as such an important intricate  part. Arise early, face the eastern new Sun, and Embrace tomorrow just as though it will be the last one coming to you on this journey, Grasp firmly to each and every magical second of your path. You brought me so, so, much, even by you having shared so much, sharing such a depth of compassion, providing me with a most needed reason for continuing my challenging path, through your loving caring nature, and the wondrous meaning, putting the absolute best of yourself and holding precious each and every second.

It was a pretty good run overall my friends, difficult at times I admit, but good. To think of death brings no fear to me, for I look forward to my return and what comes after.

See you all later.




Visions art of an emptiest past,
They’re dancing within my dreams,
Utterance of nothing but broken word,
All within the quiet of my silent screams,
The slow control of all that was,
Life once held inside, now gone and burnt,
Within this darkness now nothing but my pain,
Only nightmares to show, despair shines brightest,
Endless thoughts, what could have been, forlorn regret,
That is but only just a common day,
My core lost among the shattered pieces,
I pray and pray as memories slowly fade away,
No answer comes, no healing of my soul’s slow death,
I embrace my coming end…

in honour of Soph’s passing

All night the clock ticked, and outside a moon like day,
And I, in the ravages of sleep, head on a stranger’s breast,
Shed tears, like a task not to be put away….
In the false moon light, overwhelming grief in my happy bed,
An ocean of tears, set to undo joy’s rebirth.
I would not wake at your word, I had only tears to say.
I clung to the dream and they were my soul,
And let pain’s derisive hand had give me rest
From the night of living flame, and the darkness within.

We do not get over grief.
But over time, we do learn to live with the loss.
We learn to live a different life…with our loss.

Author Steve ’Easy’ Whitacre, 2005 (I originally wrote this for Mary when she lost her loving husband Ron, I thought I would re-post it now in honour of Sophia’s passing. RIP my old friend.)

Old Church
Old Church

The End of Forever

Never I say

The End is not Written.
The Day is not Done,
No End to the Journey
At most, a slower Run

The Adventures and Amusements
That Life surely Provides
Do not End at each Junction
No matter how Hard

The Losses we Live through
Are Toilsome to Brook
But They are the Nourishment
That fills up Life’s Book

And each End we Perceive
In our Loss and our Pain
Our Grief tends to Blind us
To the new Joys soon Obtained

So Retreat not to Darkness
Pull the Door open not Closed
For the Future is Before you
And the Journey not Won
Reach out your Hand

And place it in Mine
And together we’ll Find
What Alone would Lost

There are no Endings, Only Changes in State……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Lake Conroe Texas

November 28th, 2005

Together Yet Apart

It seems to get harder and harder
Since that day you went away
And still the people keep telling me
Everything will be okay

And I know deep inside
That it’s better where you are now
But we’re not together, you’re not here
It seems so damn unfair

Seems like only yesterday
Living together, two as one
Then suddenly my eyes were opened
When I realized gone means forever

It hurts, it aches
This slice from my heart
For all the rest of my life
We’ll ever be apart

Now that you’re gone
I have no one to run to
Am I doing this correctly
Please send me a clue

I’ve lost my understanding
The mystery and meaning of life
I can’t get this right
Fighting ever in strife

You may really be gone
But remain forever in my heart
You and me my love
Together, though apart

And I await the future
Holding hope that I will see
When time does come for my own death
You’ll open the gates for me…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 13th, 2008