‘Tween Autumn and Spring

Bare limbs a dance, staged by dusting snow
Rustling whisper of leaves, blowing across forest floor
Fallen life, restless wait, anticipation grows

We, in room aside, stirring fiery coals
Look out there, through icy glass
And know that winter nears

A pause, a touch, unity
Life goes on…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 21st, 2007

With The Dawn

I lie upon the mothers grass covered face
Her welcoming embrace soothing my soul
I feel Spirits gentle caress upon the world
A fresh breath of life into this new day

I hold to the essence, allow the wind to enfold
In awe of life around me, all that I behold
Entrancing perfume of blossoms unbound
Aged aroma of trees, of life all around

My gaze upon the canopy, the bluest of skies
Gives witness aloft, here is spirits pride
Stars parlous wink as night slides away
And Mothers gentle sigh, another new day

Harbinger of heart, the new joyous song
I join with the birds, sing melodically as one
Lifting our voices most high and pure
A serenade to awaken, rejoicing in the return

Come cast aside now, your burdens and woe
Sense all of creation, awakened and astir
Revel in the sun, splendor in these gifts
Quickening of nature, a new day is born…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 17th, 2007

Beginning of a Journey

Oh brother Bear
Lend me your power and skill
Protect my children and provide what they need
Feed them that they may learn and grow in the way

Oh brother Turtle
Teach my children the value of persistence
Let them learn to be deliberate and to value the Earth Mother
Giving thanks for the gifts of home and shelter she provides to all

Oh brother Owl
Lend your vision that sees in the darkness
Allow the children learn to move quickly, perch high
High to see and witness, gaining wisdom from a distance

Bear, the healer, Owl seeing inward, and Turtle grounded in the one
This, the beginning of the journey…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre October 21st, 2008

Precious Moments

Vibrant, awe-inspiring majesty
Lush and green, fragrant with the scent of life
Wild flowers mixed all among pines, oaks, and cedar,
This bountiful cornucopia of life’s essence
Inhale deeply, of the pungent pleasing scent of the earth mother’s embrace

All around you, the melodious sounds of the living
Pulsating ripples, ever changing rhythm of existence
Contemplate the unending beauty and rightness of this place
Open your senses to the healing gift it provides

A view, almost erotic in its capture of your heart
These feeling liken to a lover’s touch
Tender, yet ever building the passion inside
Hold precious this moment in your life

And allow what comes tomorrow
Fill you with anticipation and hope….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2007


The swarm, ants at a serpent’s egg
We will crack the shell, no doubt
Bolts of elemental fire, hammer of Thor
Where shall we be then

The serpent hatched, afflicted human bane
Doglike attempt to engulf tormentor tail
This Midgardian, swallowing all
Dismal abyss, swarm cast down

Recycle and rebuild
Without the human curse
World afresh, balance again
Less the ultimate cannibal…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 22nd, 2007

Old Wisdom

Night still and quiet, tensed calm before the storm,
Moon cast shadows, dance across the flat plains,
A soft amber glow, heralding the coming new day,
Desolate baleful calls drifting echo on the wind,
I stand silent and listen in deepest awe,

Majestic Wolf, poised upon the highest peek,
Scanning ground, ever alert, pack drifting all around,
Head back, voicing song, an old cry for the elders,
Howling spirit songs, piercing the edged night,
Completion in now, the whole pack joins,

Sweetest harmony, a sacred blend,
Calls reaching up, filling the heavens,
Such a star lit sky, alums their blissful smiles,
These, in the ancestor’s affectionate eyes,
The pack bonds, closes as one,

Wise beyond words, seen in his soulful eyes,
Perception liken to the world of old, newly reborn,
They’d as soon to retire, back to the den and safety,
But first they must finish, fulfilling this ritual of love,
Thanks to the mystery, so successful the hunt,

The tribes, the packs, people of all clans,
Had once lived remarkably different, so free,
For the world was at peace, as created and made,
A paths meant for all life to share,

And as daylight grows closer, they break from the song
Easing away toward their homes, night’s journey now done,
And a thought comes to my mind, as I watch them depart,
Would my people ever to learn this wisdom,

Could they take time, standing upon this hill
To listen, to and learn what it is that’s needed,
Will they ever hear, can they heed or even imagine,
These whispered wise pleas of the Mother…



Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007

Earth Mother

Life pulsing through her caressing hands
Lands covered by a richness of harvest, fertile with bounty
For a time measured deep as the oceans, just as infinite
Complexity, as to the single grain, adrift in the sands undulating through desert wind

Plan simple, harmony and intricacy abound
Duty, her life’s meaning, exists to provide
The soul of her, her life and wisdom, riding on every breeze
Her mercy and strength evaporate, beaten down by her children’s abuse

Man’s creation reigns, devastation, disease, greed, hate
Disease of raw invention, industrial death our fate
War, meaningless demise, self-fulfilling extinction we create
Draining rivers dry, exploitation without care or need

Ever loving, tears mostly gone, she allows her children choose death
Feel the last gentle wind, her own breaking final breaths
From her pain filled eye, a final tear doth glisten
Aching sadness in her, knowing we bring our own end

Why do we not know the way, she has told us, is telling us now,
If only we would listen…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007