I Sang

I sang to the east…
In my voice was the hope that clings to every heartbeat
I sang to the west
In my words were the powers I inherited from my forefathers
I sang to the north
In my cupped hands lay a spruce seed-the link to creation
I sang to the south
My eyes sparkled all the love I have within
Putting all the care I have, the core of me into my voice
I sang…

My song floated on the sun’s bright rays
Dancing from tree to tree, covering this world
When I had ended, the whole world listened with me to hear a reply
We waited a long time but none came…

Come, sing with me…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 5th, 2006

Grandfather Sky

I look out upon this your world
Waiting to walk in the gentle rain
This your gift to a sorrow filled grandchild

Rain and raven tears mixed with loving care
Made to fall once more on the Earth Mother
Washing away your daughter’s pain and troubles
The world aglow again with your loving touch

Thank you grandfather…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 5th, 2006

Spirit of Yesterday

I’ve walked the lands of the ancient ones ..
Long since gone Generations…
I can still feel their laughter ..their pain
I can still hear their songs…..

Hear their drums beating against a darken sky…..
I can still see them dancing…
I can still see horses painted up for war
Still see Mothers and Wives with Tears in their eyes
But Pride in their hearts…

I can hear their Chants….their prayers
Still the memories and pride run deep in my own heart
Filling my soul as it did the People….
Medicine and holy men…..and the Chiefs….
This is My heritage…..This is my history….
The Spirits of Yesterday…Are the Spirits of Tomorrow …….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 23rd, 2005

‘Tween Autumn and Spring

Bare limbs a dance, staged by dusting snow
Rustling whisper of leaves, blowing across forest floor
Fallen life, restless wait, anticipation grows

We, in room aside, stirring fiery coals
Look out there, through icy glass
And know that winter nears

A pause, a touch, unity
Life goes on…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 21st, 2007

With The Dawn

I lie upon the mothers grass covered face
Her welcoming embrace soothing my soul
I feel Spirits gentle caress upon the world
A fresh breath of life into this new day

I hold to the essence, allow the wind to enfold
In awe of life around me, all that I behold
Entrancing perfume of blossoms unbound
Aged aroma of trees, of life all around

My gaze upon the canopy, the bluest of skies
Gives witness aloft, here is spirits pride
Stars parlous wink as night slides away
And Mothers gentle sigh, another new day

Harbinger of heart, the new joyous song
I join with the birds, sing melodically as one
Lifting our voices most high and pure
A serenade to awaken, rejoicing in the return

Come cast aside now, your burdens and woe
Sense all of creation, awakened and astir
Revel in the sun, splendor in these gifts
Quickening of nature, a new day is born…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 17th, 2007

Beginning of a Journey

Oh brother Bear
Lend me your power and skill
Protect my children and provide what they need
Feed them that they may learn and grow in the way

Oh brother Turtle
Teach my children the value of persistence
Let them learn to be deliberate and to value the Earth Mother
Giving thanks for the gifts of home and shelter she provides to all

Oh brother Owl
Lend your vision that sees in the darkness
Allow the children learn to move quickly, perch high
High to see and witness, gaining wisdom from a distance

Bear, the healer, Owl seeing inward, and Turtle grounded in the one
This, the beginning of the journey…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre October 21st, 2008

Precious Moments

Vibrant, awe-inspiring majesty
Lush and green, fragrant with the scent of life
Wild flowers mixed all among pines, oaks, and cedar,
This bountiful cornucopia of life’s essence
Inhale deeply, of the pungent pleasing scent of the earth mother’s embrace

All around you, the melodious sounds of the living
Pulsating ripples, ever changing rhythm of existence
Contemplate the unending beauty and rightness of this place
Open your senses to the healing gift it provides

A view, almost erotic in its capture of your heart
These feeling liken to a lover’s touch
Tender, yet ever building the passion inside
Hold precious this moment in your life

And allow what comes tomorrow
Fill you with anticipation and hope….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2007