Love Comes

Embrace life, you become fully embraced,
Calm, breathing gently, you become reborn,
Clear your inner vision, you become clear,
Nurturing your beloved, impartial and open,
Opening your heart brings full acceptance,
In accepting the World, you embrace yourself,

Upright bearing and nurturing nature,
Creating freely, but not left owning,
Giving without demanding, from the heart,
Controlling by letting go, windy breezes

This is what brings love...



Star Stuff

While painting this morning, I took a break, lit a cigarette, and took a deep look inside to seek what message was trying to get out through this painting. Taking a few moments for deep meditation and truly listening in the silence, the answer emerged. The message the painting was conveying to me is the hope that through this simple form of colour and canvas Mankind can relearn just how majestically beautiful aA_Rosell life is, both in form and spirit. I truly hope that Man can once more know that all life was created equally, including Man. All life has the same right to exist and live out its cycle in happiness and contentment. Once more know, as the old ones knew, all life comes and returns to the same place. We are the stuff of Stars.