Drifting Memories

Art and Words to settle my mind

Love Comes

Embrace life, you become fully embraced,
Calm, breathing gently, you become reborn,
Clear your inner vision, you become clear,
Nurturing your beloved, impartial and open,
Opening your heart brings full acceptance,
In accepting the World, you embrace yourself,

Upright bearing and nurturing nature,
Creating freely, but not left owning,
Giving without demanding, from the heart,
Controlling by letting go, windy breezes

This is what brings love...




It don’t matter what happened in the past
Because what we have, is here right now
You make me smile, you fill my time
New joyous memories, to hold for all time
You let me know, how you feel, share your soul
And I hope you know, just how special you are

You let me show you, what you mean to me
Without sharing with you, who knows where I’d be?
When I’m not with you, I feel so down and blue
Whoever knew, our love would be this true?

When I think of you, it takes me there
There’s no way to express, how much I care
So little we’ve had, I feel a bit cheated
But we’re gonna last, till the end of all time!!

Thank you for being my friend…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 19th, 2008

The Reason

In an almost unbearable burst of enlightened thought
A moment of crystal clarity, and unity of mind and soul
I find myself here, at this spot, at this time
And ask, what we all boon to ask
The question all must ask of them-selves to become whole

There must be a reason, a plan, some greater command
Some guiding force weaving the threads of the tapestry of my life
The potter’s hand that has shaped me for a purpose that I am to serve
Some finite goal not shared, but there regardless
Awaiting the day when I’m truly prepared
And I am here…

Marching back through my memories and lessons
I can now see the pattern emerging
The trials put before me to build my strength and character
Loves filling my very soul to build my compassion
Losses to embed my understanding and insight
The long, slow awakening of that who I am today

And now, in rapturous and joyful discovery
The answer is at long last found within
The simplicity and propriety of the solution
In its self, yet another of that guiding hands special wonders
All the pain and anguish of the long hard years recede in importance
As the reason becomes so clear

I am here to be your friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2005

Together Yet Apart

It seems to get harder and harder
Since that day you went away
And still the people keep telling me
Everything will be okay

And I know deep inside
That it’s better where you are now
But we’re not together, you’re not here
It seems so damn unfair

Seems like only yesterday
Living together, two as one
Then suddenly my eyes were opened
When I realized gone means forever

It hurts, it aches
This slice from my heart
For all the rest of my life
We’ll ever be apart

Now that you’re gone
I have no one to run to
Am I doing this correctly
Please send me a clue

I’ve lost my understanding
The mystery and meaning of life
I can’t get this right
Fighting ever in strife

You may really be gone
But remain forever in my heart
You and me my love
Together, though apart

And I await the future
Holding hope that I will see
When time does come for my own death
You’ll open the gates for me…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 13th, 2008

The Sharing

I shed a tear today
Watched it fall, tumbling through air
I saw you reach out and catch it
Interrupting the fall
You shared it, held it, felt it as I
I saw the pain on your face
The burn in your soul…

And suddenly
My pain was less…

I thank you my friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 4th, 2008

My Friend

I want to tell you something
And I want you to listen
Take a short moment
Lend me an ear

I will never, ever let you fall
It matters not what happens
No matter when, no matter where
I will always be there for you

I wont let you fall apart
I’ll lend the strength you need
When you’re down, I lift you up
Hungry, you’re mine to feed

If you need me, send out the call
And see I will always answer
Just let me know, we’ll work it out
Problem solved when we’re together

For as long as I live, perhaps longer yet
I’ll bring you the help that you need
Even if it’s just, having me there
When you need someone to listen

Take solace in my words
Be calm and rest assured
This is the way that I am
For what ever happens, on this you can count

For you see, I call you my friend….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007

Memories of my Friend

Years flowing by in a blur, so long now since that day of loss
That never-desired, heartless caller, tearing you from me
I so tried to ease your pain, take the burden from you
My anguish of those last hours still bedaze my soul
In my love I still reach for you my friend…

I did grieve but could not drown in my tears
For to me it was, as it is now, unavailing
The love I hold for you is iridescent still
Even the kiss of death could not steal

These memories of your past acts of love
Ever stimulating for me to reach out, not hide
To embrace the wonders of experience thereof
And let not the consequence of that love be denied

So be in peace on your journey home, apart but temporary
Rest well my friend, for to be ready when we rejoin…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre October 28th, 2008