Visions art of an emptiest past,
They’re dancing within my dreams,
Utterance of nothing but broken word,
All within the quiet of my silent screams,
The slow control of all that was,
Life once held inside, now gone and burnt,
Within this darkness now nothing but my pain,
Only nightmares to show, despair shines brightest,
Endless thoughts, what could have been, forlorn regret,
That is but only just a common day,
My core lost among the shattered pieces,
I pray and pray as memories slowly fade away,
No answer comes, no healing of my soul’s slow death,
I embrace my coming end…


Use your liberty to promote that same liberty for all others. Always putting the needs of others before your own, freely sharing all you have to give to makes true changes for the good of all you can. Make your journey one that creates real changes for the good so that when you return home you leave everything better than it was before your journey started. Namaste all…