Unnecessary Man

The river’s tent has broken, the last fingers of leaf fall
Clutching and sink to wet bank, spring anew winds come
Dancing and swirling across snow gone landscape, unheard.

Liken nymphs splay in the fields.

Sweet streams, run softly, till I end this my song.
With no empty bottles, sandwich papers, or rot,
No silk handkerchiefs, cardboard boxes, cigarette ends
Or other testimony of Man’s disrespect.

To which the nymphs would depart, their spirit no more.

And of man and his friends, heirs of cities for dark,
Let them depart and be gone, the Earth miss them not.



The wind whispering through the threadbare trees
The blossoms all fallen, the leaves long gone
No bird sound to fill the air, all now far to the south
A boundless desolate landscape, barren and awash
The bright days of yesterday, now dimmed and demure
Stark and almost silent, hard edged and cool

Faint echoes of the past bringing pain to my ears
A fear that what is lost, no more than misguided dream
The frantic search beginning, for any last sign at all
Of the boundless life, the fresh new growth
For any life at all

Breathless now, exhausted and weak
I drop to the sand dry ground
As tears explode and questions come
Is this the end times now

I sit here on this cold dry ground, arms wrapped around my knees
My eyes awash, they cannot see, I miss what’s in front of me
For the world awakes, the change is come
The first snow begins to fall

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 13th, 2007

Oily Tears

I stand and watch as the mother cries,
As she hears the sad news that her son has died,
And he didn’t die from sick or ill,
Nor in a wreck in the dark of night,
He died doing what they told him was right.

I watch the father try to hold back his tears,
His son had lived a scarce 19 years,
Death had come nine thousand of miles away,
So what was there left for a poor father to say?
He gets down to tired knees, head bowed to pray,
At least this son knows this father does care.

I stand and watch as a little girl cries,
She doesn’t understand why her brother has died,
Why he will never again, play on the lawn.
And my own tears run, as she sees he is gone,

And knowing the answer, it brings me so low
Her big brother died, with heart strong and true
He fought to protect, both his family and you
He fought as they told him, the danger they planted
Never knowing their greed, or the oil that they wanted

With the power of darkness, illusion and greed
They create all the enemies ever to need
For in keeping us locked in ignorance and fear
They maintain their control for year after year

And I pray, may the light shine upon you, may it open your eyes
May this world reawaken before the next glorious sunrise
Relearn the value, of the Earth Mother’s ways
Rebuild the love and push the darkness away…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 29th, 2007

Earth Mother

Life pulsing through her caressing hands
Lands covered by a richness of harvest, fertile with bounty
For a time measured deep as the oceans, just as infinite
Complexity, as to the single grain, adrift in the sands undulating through desert wind

Plan simple, harmony and intricacy abound
Duty, her life’s meaning, exists to provide
The soul of her, her life and wisdom, riding on every breeze
Her mercy and strength evaporate, beaten down by her children’s abuse

Man’s creation reigns, devastation, disease, greed, hate
Disease of raw invention, industrial death our fate
War, meaningless demise, self-fulfilling extinction we create
Draining rivers dry, exploitation without care or need

Ever loving, tears mostly gone, she allows her children choose death
Feel the last gentle wind, her own breaking final breaths
From her pain filled eye, a final tear doth glisten
Aching sadness in her, knowing we bring our own end

Why do we not know the way, she has told us, is telling us now,
If only we would listen…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007