Shadow Life

Lips pulled back in silent snarl
Anxious frantic need to be heard
Desperate quiet scream not escaping
Voice lost to din
Will I speak ere again

I stand here before you
Invisible shadow in your world
You don’t feel me, hear me not
Passing by, walk over, tread upon
Rejecting my very existence
Going through your day paying no heed

Am I but abstract thought
My presence but absence overwhelm
Echoing Empty void where my heart should be
This viscous solitude drowning out my words

Stay with me, talk to me
The slightest moment, a second of time
Watch me dance, see my smile
Feel my touch, know my care
Too much to ask

Reject me then, strike me down
Kill me with words or sword
Hold me up to ridicule and scorn
Anything but this immeasurable indifference

I would welcome your hatred
In place of your indifference
At the least the wounds, the hurts, the pain, are real
And even the scars giving something at least

A reminder that I exist…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 10th, 2007