Drifting Memories

Art and Words to settle my mind

Twined Souls

Tender compassionate moments of the purest of bliss,
This new day blooms into being, cool wind gently caresses,
Dew glistens on the flesh wrapping your soul, I feel your love,
Desire for more of you fills me, I need you, I need to know your love,
You have become my reason for being, my very meaning to be,
Two as one, this a journey of soul, I love you to my very core,
Hearts entwined building this newest state of belonging,
Together, we are now complete…


An Attempt at Goodbye…

Yes, another one of those last moment attempts at saying a goodbye to the wonders I’ve loved and lived, and more especially for the wonders you so freely gave to me, and of which you have been/are the most important part.

An amazing journey, full and varied, made ever more so by my being blessed at having each of you as such an important intricateĀ  part. Arise early, face the eastern new Sun, and Embrace tomorrow just as though it will be the last one coming to you on this journey, Grasp firmly to each and every magical second of your path. You brought me so, so, much, even by you having shared so much, sharing such a depth of compassion, providing me with a most needed reason for continuing my challenging path, through your loving caring nature, and the wondrous meaning, putting the absolute best of yourself and holding precious each and every second.

It was a pretty good run overall my friends, difficult at times I admit, but good. To think of death brings no fear to me, for I look forward to my return and what comes after.

See you all later.



Love Comes

Embrace life, you become fully embraced,
Calm, breathing gently, you become reborn,
Clear your inner vision, you become clear,
Nurturing your beloved, impartial and open,
Opening your heart brings full acceptance,
In accepting the World, you embrace yourself,

Upright bearing and nurturing nature,
Creating freely, but not left owning,
Giving without demanding, from the heart,
Controlling by letting go, windy breezes

This is what brings love...



About Grief

Do not allow your heart to be locked away in grief. Everything you have ever lost will most certainly come back around. When least expected, perhaps in times of the most calm silence, you can hear the reassuring whispers of love dancing through the quiet. Standing out on the back porch, enjoying the early morning sun and the first of day’s ration of wonderful coffee, you can hear a lost loved one’s adorations drifting on the gentle morning breeze. That little sparrow landing on the rail brings you comfort in the knowledge that spirit is all around you, and that spirit itself can never end. During times of greatest struggle if you take a moment to refocus, calm and clear your mind, you will feel that loved one’s hand on your shoulder, bringing reassurance, and reinforcing your knowledge that no matter the challenge, you have the strength to meet the challenge. And in truth, it is very fulfilling to remember once more that the one your shared so much with, loved so deeply, can still be a part of your life. Nothing ever ends. Just as we were gifted with so much joy in our existence, so much love has filled our lives, we can know that our spirit can never be quenched, we may well change, but never end. The most wondrous part of our journey stretches out before us, and at some future time we will rejoin our loved ones and travel forward. Much Love, Namaste…


Star Stuff

While painting this morning, I took a break, lit a cigarette, and took a deep look inside to seek what message was trying to get out through this painting. Taking a few moments for deep meditation and truly listening in the silence, the answer emerged. The message the painting was conveying to me is the hope that through this simple form of colour and canvas Mankind can relearn just how majestically beautiful aA_Rosell life is, both in form and spirit. I truly hope that Man can once more know that all life was created equally, including Man. All life has the same right to exist and live out its cycle in happiness and contentment. Once more know, as the old ones knew, all life comes and returns to the same place. We are the stuff of Stars.

Fight No More

Fight ended, no more your lies,
No more the stress or tears
I bring it all to halt now, final
Once more lost Love before I sleep that final sleep.

From where these evil words let fly
From you, to I. Love denied
Harshest this debate, as Eagle and Hawk
And through all still, my Love doth hide,

I look and see you, once my dream
But holding anger and disdain
We will speak more now, hatred building
I try to hold it, subdue the feeling
Darkness descends on my mind,

What is it so false as the truth rarely is,
Else false to thee Love, is true plainly see
You, who never truly knew love, brought pain,
I now shun this fighting and stress, rebuild Life at last

With connection within me me, my life goes on…

These Words
These Words