The Searcher

At that instance, the briefest second of time
That first moment when the mind is fully opened
The infinite spirit of the universe finally revealed
My soul left wanting, to wander and hunt
Dazed and confused, always the search
Need to find new teachers and friends

Do you too yet seek?

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 23rd, 2007


I am lost, must somehow find myself again….

Who am I, I thought I knew
The search seems harder than before
I know who I seem to be now
Yet I’ve always wanted more

Ever my own biggest critic
Nothing good enough to ply
Insignificance in the whole of life
Always too stunted to fly

I’ve grown to recluse in this place
Afraid to step outside into life
Pains from the past haunting all of my dreams
Refusal of tomorrows, after demons of the past

Can’t settle for less than perfection
At least when it comes to me
Until reached I must hide, must keep far away
So they will by no means see

I become now just a number
No meaning left to my name
I drift from friends and loved ones
Crawl back in this hole again

This shell I try to hide behind
Is dusty, worn and thin
But I can’t want, no sharing of tears
So I pull back in and cringe…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 27th 2007


I notice……..

A vision in the dark of night
She stands there in the street, alone
The world awash from nightlong rain

Lengthy dark hair plastered about her head
Body visually shivering, even as seen from here
Eyes locked down the dark road leading from town

Tears flowing down pale cheeks in torrents
What natures of tragedy hast befallen
What ills doth this poor child draw
And I still wonder…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007