This is Life

Colors, flashing, bright, rainbows spinning
The vortex of reality forced into my awareness
Combined to blind my eyes in cascading its madness

Sound, a roaring din of noise,
Voices hidden in the immensities of the silence
The silence falling with deafening chill on the ears of my soul

Flavors, biter, tart, sweet, sour
The biting burn of the acid eating its way inside
Lost ability to taste, numbing death in apathy and demise

Mind filled to bursting, a madness of running thoughts
The swirling emotions weaken my resolve, indecisive
Desire, want, need, lack, all withering my tired old heart

I stand outside, an intricate component, yet removed, apart
Observing the world around me, this bit of imagined existence
Forever trusting my inner vision, answers and truth found inside
I allow all things to come and go, my heart wide open as the sky

This is Life…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Sept. 17th 2008

You Are

I see you

Sunset over an evening summer ocean,
The blaze of your colourful show to leave me breathless,
I lie down to watch you move, dancing with creation,
To watch you stretch your arms across the horizon,
Imagination all a drape with the wandering clouds,

Spectral visions, orange and purple orgasmic,
Shifting colours marking another turn of the wheel,
Painter’s brush strokes running down the canvas,
Reaching climatic raptures in the waves below,

This vista of dreams your presence creates
This you are, for I see you through my dreams…


The Plea

Oh great mystery,
Whose voice I hear on the winds
Winds the life giving breath of all
I beg you listen to my plea

I am but one of your many children
So weak, ignorant, and small
I need your wisdom and strength

I ask for your help to walk in peace and beauty
To ever find joy in your magnificent regal sunsets
Teach my hands to respect the things you have made
And allow me to listen, and so to hear your voice

Make me wise, so that I may understand the lessons you teach
All of your lessons hidden within each leaf, tree, and rock
I beg you for this gift of wisdom and strength
Not to be better to my brothers, but to ready for my greatest fight
The fight with my most powerful of enemies; myself

Then I will be ready to come back to you with clear heart and upright eye
And on that day, when this life ebbs away as a fading sunset
My spirit may come back to you without shame

And for this gift, and the magical gift of life around me
I lift my arms on high and give thanks
I will not forget…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 16th, 2007

The Long Search

Heart weeping, never-ending loneliness
These years of lingering yearning for completion
Always striving to be strong, stay on path
While the emptiness inside consumes my soul

Brightest sparks of hope, all along the trail
The briefest of encounters, loves beginning bloom
So swiftly fading, so soon to waft away
Left behind, my feelings all crushed and burned

I’ve always known you’re out there
Somewhere out in this grand world
I’ve looked and searched, cast all about
My hope is almost gone

You the love of my whole life
Filling my thoughts and dreams
Dreams of two souls, united and one
The circle grown complete

I lay awake, all night in this bed
Thinking of having you here
I reach across, to caress and love
Chilling emptiness the only thing there

The tears that flow, I try to hide
From all of those close to me
I plant this smile, this happy face
Put act uncaring and free

I want to lay down, give up my strife
Cut adrift this battle to survive
I do not care to journey here
Without you, the love of my life

And as you’re out there, journey free
Please listen for me on the wind
You’ll hear my cry, my quiet plead
I need your heart my friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 17th, 2007

The Longing

Two souls forming together what alone,
would be outside any imagination,
Intimate, entwined sharing of spirit and source,
The rapturous unbridled joy of just being,
Together yet apart, unfulfilled, incomplete, and yet,
To reach that somehow seemingly unreachable union,
Remains outside our grasp.

Oh, for changes in the past.
Of dreams of “things different” and their advancement to reality,
Of pain un-endured, raptures unimagined, time un-lost,
Of the paintings passing through my mind,
Whispers of what could be, what must be, what cannot,
And perhaps longed for such a time,
As only lost forever in the caverns of self-doubt.
Future bleak and insatiable,

And yet again hope intercedes into dream,
And the great longing consumes all of heart and soul,
Still the dreams of completeness flow,
Happiness reached, loneliness consumed,
And the journey back to the source as yet unfinished,
So the time is yet fluid, and future unset.

We still can be……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 16th, 2005

The Road Maps on my Hands

I look upon my hands,
No matter under light night or day,
All the creases and crinkles, scars and burns
Full life of work and care

Work and Love,
And each new wrinkle of age,
Family and Friends,
All the hugs I helped created

Dirty or clean,
Still full of happiness and pride,
Old or Young,
Have felt such sadness and pain

Scratched or bruised,
I’m still view with pride
These old hands of mine….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 4th, 2007

Nekoti inenia, nekoti ihkweea
Soleil es Tepehkiiha


The Search Ends

Passion burning
Ever building
Age long search for the one
Must quench this fire
Ever glowing embers
Nothing inside but the burn

Must find her at last
Intertwine our journeys
Two souls bonding as one
But the walls are there
All the painful reminders
Hurts from a far-flung time

I’m hesitant and shy
I don’t want to cry
Afraid to reach out again
But I need her beside me
My life to complete
Visions of a life now whole

Dreams of connection
Of sharing this walk
And letting our passion unfold
Remnants of my life
Now seem wasted and pale
My search seems to grind to a stop

The trail mostly stale
My hopes almost gone
Can ever I fill this void
Or quell the smoldering ashes
Of that which was once my heart…

And there she is….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 30th, 2007

The Searcher

At that instance, the briefest second of time
That first moment when the mind is fully opened
The infinite spirit of the universe finally revealed
My soul left wanting, to wander and hunt
Dazed and confused, always the search
Need to find new teachers and friends

Do you too yet seek?

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 23rd, 2007

The Last Knight

She but wrapped, tightly to branches strong
Damsel held pressed in the willow’s arms
And silver knight come to protect
Death of the tree by sword and axe

And where this savior, this knight of old
Doth sleep then know a willow grows
Across these lands, this journey so long
At every stop, a new weeping stand

Strong as a mast, when he was young
But life has worn, threadbare and thin
And arrogance replaced, an outlook once bright
The willow cries again, hope gone, dark night

What of tomorrow, new generations draw close
Who to save the damsels, journeys yet to come
I see no other in the wings, none waiting to continue
When this, the last silver knight of old

Has traveled his path to the end……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 21st, 2007

The Kiss

Your kiss, beloved, a wonder to me
Sweeter than the wildest free flower
Perfection of fresh fragrant rose
Warmth as carried by early spring wind
Drifting with saccharine scent

Would that I could, but capture and hold
Pour the essence into the perfect cup
The drink would be what no god has known
Ambrosia is too weak descript

I beg you beloved, kiss me again…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 24th, 2007