Together Yet Apart

It seems to get harder and harder
Since that day you went away
And still the people keep telling me
Everything will be okay

And I know deep inside
That it’s better where you are now
But we’re not together, you’re not here
It seems so damn unfair

Seems like only yesterday
Living together, two as one
Then suddenly my eyes were opened
When I realized gone means forever

It hurts, it aches
This slice from my heart
For all the rest of my life
We’ll ever be apart

Now that you’re gone
I have no one to run to
Am I doing this correctly
Please send me a clue

I’ve lost my understanding
The mystery and meaning of life
I can’t get this right
Fighting ever in strife

You may really be gone
But remain forever in my heart
You and me my love
Together, though apart

And I await the future
Holding hope that I will see
When time does come for my own death
You’ll open the gates for me…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 13th, 2008

Has To End

So tired, tired of the mess, of the lies, the pain
Tired of sharing this, your never-ending nightmare
But I’m in so deep, have so must invest
How can I escape, do I dare?

This all started, long before me
Twenty-six years gone now
And even back then, I thought as your friend
I could help overcome it somehow

But now my eyes clear
I see you but used me, your crutch for whatsoever
I provide what you need, rescue, support, and cash
My biggest fault, I loved you forever

And I fell right in to line, willing and able
Giving everything I had just for you
I picked up the needles, cleaned broken bottles
And made it all seem like anew

I can’t do it no more, too long already
And I can’t hide it from our kids anymore
I guess the time come, for you to take over
And decide if you want this or more

You can go on, living as you are
Surviving on dope, booze, and shit
But I deserve better, have earned it I think
I’ve waited long enough for you to get it

I wish you the best, for whatever life left
And hope the happiness you search for is found
For when the cops come again, and you rest in your cell
I imagine your wonder astound

When you call for your bail
As before always done
Will it be the first time you notice
For the truth of the matter, there’s no-one to answer

For you see dear, today I am gone….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007


I’m trying to find the perfect words
But they won’t come
How can I say I love you
And make you believe

Is there a way to share a thought
In a light that didn’t yet exist
But the perfect words
Wouldn’t sound perfect
If they were said to anyone else
So close your eyes
And I’ll close mine

Let me caress the hand
That slapped my cheek
I’m sorry that the picture you wanted
Wasn’t of me

But try to understand
The love in my heart
Isn’t only for the smile
But also the tears
The warmth of comfort
And the bitterness of being alone

I can’t promise more than I can give
But I promise my heart
And I promise it forever

Open your heart for me
Let me embrace your delicate soul
Allow me kiss the lips of love
In a way that dreams cannot fade

Let me hold the hand Of a kindred spirit
And baste in its luxurious glow
(I promise not to let go)

Open your mind to me
Let the confusion settle
Allowing for a rich single thought
To ever float on the endless sea of consciousness

(I love you)

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 5th, 2008

The Sharing

I shed a tear today
Watched it fall, tumbling through air
I saw you reach out and catch it
Interrupting the fall
You shared it, held it, felt it as I
I saw the pain on your face
The burn in your soul…

And suddenly
My pain was less…

I thank you my friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 4th, 2008

These Words

I wrote these words to share the feelings of my heart,
To share this man’s truth, the truth the universe has revealed
I painted my feelings on the canvas of this paper
Used the hand that has longed to touch you
Touch you and reach into your soul to gently caress your tattered heart

I wrote these words as reply to the honesty God burdened me with,
To set free and let go the pain of my tired soul
Love is given freely and paid for with freedom
What are the casualties and who are the captives
Is it ever so simple or always so damn complicated

Will I ever get it right…?
I wrote these words for you
And tomorrow, as you look inside your own soul,
I wonder if you will think of them…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 14th, 2005

To Love Again

The pain and anger
Betrayal and remorse
How could I love you
When you are without care

The dreams that filled me
You stomped into the dust
Cast away all the promise
The love I want share

I wanted to give you
The whole of myself
To fill our lives with magic
Fantasy and romance

But it’s not meant to be
I see clearly now
And hold to the future
I’ll learn to love again……..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 3rd, 2008

To Reach

Sometimes my soul is set on fire
With this love of life, the mystery, and you
A great force that moves always, unerring, invisible,
Yet ever so, my body is swept,
Swept along into the abyss of this unspeakable love.

We can experience this force of holy grace
When we are most vigilant, and balanced,
As I have spoken of before,
Like sleep giving us rest.
But when you feel this emotion,
Know for certain
This is the most importance part

Hold to that passion within…

My soul has been consumed
Lost and wrapped in the depths of your love
I have tasted the sweet delight
The essence of your soul,
I can no longer bear to stay frozen
No longer hide in my dark hole

I am impelled to rise ever higher, reaching for stars
Ever higher, ascending through spirit,
Ever the deeper in our love,
The more I’m consumed by the fire of longing
To search out the immensity and deeper mysteries,
Reaching always to come into that blessed light,
Caught up in the ecstasy, finally complete
Where my heart knows it can finally rest

And find its rest in this new joy…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 19th, 2008