I tried so long, and oh so hard
To help you find your way
To escape the bonds, they put on you
To shut the pain away

If I but could, I’d give you my eyes
To let you see what I see
For if you did, then you would know
How special you are to me

I know the story, you hold so tight
No value or worth for yourself
They told you that, the whole of your life
What else would you ever judge true

You still give your all, for whatever need
Though imagined or slight it might be
And worry to sickness, and heart throbbing pain
That it will never be near to complete

I tried to take you, and show you the world
And what life and love can be
But you crawled back in your hole, dark with the pain
And left me out here on my own

I near the end of my path, life journey short
Remiss in the task left undone
For all of the help, I’ve spread all around
I could not help the one that I loved….

Steve ’Easy’ Whitacre September 30th, 2007