Drifting Memories

Art and Words to settle my mind

An Answer of Sorts

There is so much wrong with the world.
There is no hope for tomorrow.
The people have lost their way.
We must war on all the bad.
There is no future for our youth.
No future for mankind!

You have heard it so much that you believe it true.
Despair and foreboding fill you.
And hope fades, as anger grows.
You swear to make a difference.
You promise yourself to make the world better.
Heal the wounds, repair the damage, restore the balance.
You declare ‘war’ on the evil.
The war on terror, war on drugs, war on ‘them’, war on their ‘ways’.
Yet the days and years continue to pass by.
The great wheel turns and the problems seem to continue to grow.

To put the world right, we must first put the nation right.
To put the nation right, we must first put the family right.
And to put the family right, we must first put ourselves to order,
Set our hearts right.

A good start would be a promise to yourself to be too large for worry. Worry brings fear and doubt, holding you back from what you can be. Worry serves nothing more than to consume your resources and limit possibility. Focus on what you can change, and let go of what you can’t.

Make yourself too noble for anger. Anger only hurts the one who is angry. Anger builds walls of pain, and promotes continuation of conflict. Let your anger go and use the strength of it to hold to your connection with life, Spirit, and happiness.  Find peace where others find war.

Be too strong for fear.
Fear is another weakness that stops us from working toward the good we all seek. And what do we really have to fear?  Pain? Death? Holding to our connection to Spirit, to our knowledge of our place in the universe, the true balance of all things, and to where we come from and return to, holding to all of that, what is there to truly fear? Put fear from you, and instead embrace life and the living of it.  True happiness comes from fully enjoying the smallest of moments, and living in peace and happiness with all creation.  Fear drives this away from you.

And finally, allow yourself to be too happy to permit the presence of trouble. Do not ‘make war’ against a thing, but rather work toward happiness and a better future.  No matter what is around you, no matter what others may be saying or doing to persuade you, simply hold to your own happiness and share that with others.  Darkness only has the power over you that you allow.  Hold to the happiness and embrace the joys of life.  Allow yourself to love openly and freely, and to share that love with all of existence.  Spread that love, happiness and joy all around you whenever you can, and you will find that the world will respond in kind.

Teach yourself these simple goals, and perhaps, and maybe in surprise, you will find that all those problems have somehow gone away, and your world is a much better place.

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 8th, 2006


I am lost, must somehow find myself again….

Who am I, I thought I knew
The search seems harder than before
I know who I seem to be now
Yet I’ve always wanted more

Ever my own biggest critic
Nothing good enough to ply
Insignificance in the whole of life
Always too stunted to fly

I’ve grown to recluse in this place
Afraid to step outside into life
Pains from the past haunting all of my dreams
Refusal of tomorrows, after demons of the past

Can’t settle for less than perfection
At least when it comes to me
Until reached I must hide, must keep far away
So they will by no means see

I become now just a number
No meaning left to my name
I drift from friends and loved ones
Crawl back in this hole again

This shell I try to hide behind
Is dusty, worn and thin
But I can’t want, no sharing of tears
So I pull back in and cringe…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 27th 2007


I notice……..

A vision in the dark of night
She stands there in the street, alone
The world awash from nightlong rain

Lengthy dark hair plastered about her head
Body visually shivering, even as seen from here
Eyes locked down the dark road leading from town

Tears flowing down pale cheeks in torrents
What natures of tragedy hast befallen
What ills doth this poor child draw
And I still wonder…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2007

Long Struggle

Hope, do I dare
Need someone to hold to
Again the pain rolls and tears
This never-ending struggle to live

To survive, got to ride it
Wave after wave of this agony
As it tries to beat me down
Take what little strength I contain
Take over what life I have left

Wave after wave, got to ride it again
Survive it and keep struggling on
And though misery is my norm
I must hold to form
Have to hide it, I can’t let you see

So wearing my mask
Smile painted on my face
I move as though nothing is wrong
But I see in your eyes, despite my best effort
The truth is that somehow you know

Another day is starting……..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 1st, 2008