Spirit’s Voice

Come my brothers, my sisters
Come all the children of this land
Come sit by my fire as night closes around us
Watch the flames pushing the smoke toward the star lit sky
Feel the hope swelling within as we send our prayers riding the smoke
Smoke the messenger carrying the prayers to the great mystery above

Sit quietly wrapped in the warmth and love of the silence
Hear the crackling of the fire, the sounds of family sharing happiness
The warmth we feel coming from this sharing of love, not the flames of fire
Gaze fully into each other’s eyes, what do you see? What to know in that reflection?
You will see yourself, yourself in the eyes of another, a part of that makes us who we are
Learn the truth, see the reality, hear the wisdom, and know your own connectedness

Close your eyes, and listen to the whispers from the shadows
Creation’s song dancing on the winds as they stir the flames ever higher
Another gift from the mystery, offering so much, all we need do is listen
Open your heart and soul to the words, for only when we listen and learn can we grow
For only with wisdom can the people reach happiness and fulfillment in their lives
Come my brothers, my sisters, share my fire and find hope…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 28th, 2008

The Last Knight

She but wrapped, tightly to branches strong
Damsel held pressed in the willow’s arms
And silver knight come to protect
Death of the tree by sword and axe

And where this savior, this knight of old
Doth sleep then know a willow grows
Across these lands, this journey so long
At every stop, a new weeping stand

Strong as a mast, when he was young
But life has worn, threadbare and thin
And arrogance replaced, an outlook once bright
The willow cries again, hope gone, dark night

What of tomorrow, new generations draw close
Who to save the damsels, journeys yet to come
I see no other in the wings, none waiting to continue
When this, the last silver knight of old

Has traveled his path to the end……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 21st, 2007