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Your Gift of Life

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At a time in life when most tend to rest and pull back, you give all

In sharing the few brief moments we did, I truly enjoyed seeing you shine so bright

The gift you give these children with needs so great

Truly without equal, this your compassion and warmth

Far too many others cannot be bothered to care or give

Far, far too many find an excuse to not

Would seem such a small sacrifice, for such noble a cause

Yet it takes someone as special as you to step up and embrace

Saddened by knowing this simplest of truths

For if not, the need be not here to be met

You have my heart and soul my dear friend, heart and soul <3

And I thank you for knowing me Marguerite

Steve Easy Whitacre


Take Hold

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Precious moments, gone, lost to the bane of indifference

So much opportunity, so much of a life’s wonder now gone to waste

Such a travesty of spirit, missed out on blessings

And we sit, watching them all go by

Over and over, unheeding of the luring offer

Take hold I tell you young one

Waste not your short time given

Let not you find yourself old in regret

In regret with short time left

Take Hold

Steve Easy Whitacre


The Price

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Can we not be at long the last, one in mind and soul

Stepping out each new day, working together, holding to peace and good

An old concept, talked of, expounded on, envisioned, dreamed of in joy

Once thought to be a must do for the children yet too come

Ere lost to ‘the cause, all theses years, lost to pettiness and greed

Anger and war, wanton destruction, pain, death and waste

Children trampled under the foot of ignorance and ego

As has been throughout our history, so tis it still now

And what of those few that still cry for peace

Cast down, shoved aside, like unwanted cast off trash

An embarrassing renouncement to those holding power

Derided, put down, held apart as less knowing fools

And the winners of this contest, the greedy control warmongering elite

Who be at the loss alas, who be at the loss

Only the most truly of innocent, children all, children all

And us all who allow, we who will pay in the end

Pay the price of allowing the devil’s reign

A price dire indeed, dire indeed

A price dire indeed




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my pen poised, ready, anxious
unsteady above the starring blank page
no words come, an emptiness
alas the friend I await, yearn for
is lost and gone away

I miss you Will


Creator’s Blessing

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Ah, the sweet sounds of a world alive
The Creator’s blessings at every turn
Smell the scents of flowers drifting on the winds
Feel the warm caress of the sun shining down
Know the tiny ones flitting through the grasses
Dance with the birds flying limb to limb
I can feel the love, know the happiness
And being clean and sober, I can enjoy it all
And in being clean, I can once more know I too am a part
I am one of the Creator’s blessings
As are you…

New Dawn

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A dim red burning through the night gone dark
This new blessing, life stirs, the world awakens
I become, embrace this day, my fresh new life
Happiness and love begin to fill my very being
This the magic of my life now, so full and free

No more nightmares, lost the dead years of end
I have only the brightest of futures yet to come
I take of breath, step right out through the door
Striding out on the new paths of glory and love
I take hold now, arm embrace, and live fullest

To Be

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Sweet gentle mist of rain
Falling quietly on the lush green
Flowers stretching high to drink
And I alive, basking in this glorious day…



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