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Quiet shared conversations of times now long gone
Almost mystical relived experience of togetherness
Sharing once more the bond of one
This the friendship of an age

The friendship of the all…

Just Thinking

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We the silliest of souls
Wrapped ever in the joyous mystery of life
Precious each moment of existence
Holding to blessings received
Can there be anything better
I think not…

Spiritualuality and Growth

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   Your spiritual relationship is far more important and precious than anything physical. If you find your physical relationship divorced from your spiritual then you find your body lacking a soul…

To Grow and Learn

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   You will find you have to grow from the inside out. No-one can teach you better than yourself, for none can ‘make’ you spiritual. You will find there is no other teacher better than your own soul…

Mind Adrift

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Lost again in the catacombs of my mind adrift
This feeling of separation overwhelming a life ere lost
Where gone my feeling of belonging
My knowledge of self now lost to confusion
Lost in forgotten realm of drifting memories

This a struggle to find myself once more
Reaching within yet again but no answers found
A lacking of self lost to a world of doubt
Where gone my knowledge of me
Must somehow re-learn this ego and self

The quest continues…

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Easy

Dark Path Aside

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Darkness swoops near by where evil lurks
This dark ghetto of a light lost mind
Hope gone not left but hurt and fear
A reaching need of unfulfilled want
None can help for mind already gone
Soul burns unreachable by any to aid
I travel on, light shining from within

Tracks on Sandy Beach

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  1. Tracks spread upon the sandy beach
    Bare foot beauties dancing on sparkling shore
    Sun burning down lighting the whole of the world
    This the core, life is, will be one with the all
    And together, hand in hand, we stride forward
    Ever a part of the light and loving lands
    We are, and ever will be, one with the all

    And it continues…

    by Easy, Jan 28 2014

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